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We just received the ashes of our beloved dog, Sport. He was our first pet that we were able to enjoy for 16 years. Thank you so much for what you included in your private cremation service. I thought we were going to get his ashes in a baggie. The urn, the paw print, and the loving certificate was done with such taste and respect. Thank you so much!
Doug and Jan Adams
Leawood, KS - Fri Aug 14 10:29:53 2020

Ladi Bug you will be missed so much. We love ya.
Tammy Allen
- Sat Aug 1 15:43:36 2020

Today we had to say "see you later" to our beloved Aussie (Sophie), she was (is) such a beautiful girl and so smart. She had a wonderful 11 years with us, however as we all know it is never long enough as our animals come and go into and out of our lives. I will miss you wiggling our little butt Sugar, never forget that we love you so much and I hope you are running with Nikki as she has been there waiting to play with you again. Your little brother will have some adjusting to get use to, as he has never been alone. July 13th, 2020 will always be a day we will never forget. Good night Sugar, be a good girl and watch the house for Daddy xoxoxo
Joe Litzsinger
- Mon Jul 13 16:42:30 2020

I just received the ashes of my beautiful boys; Wyatt Earp & Doc Holiday. I want to thank you for this service you provide; They are my babies, my family. Such a beatiful and respectful presentation.
Pamela Lewis
- Thu Jun 18 07:56:37 2020

Shady past a way friday may 15 2020 you will me misst dearly and you will be in over hearts for ever, we will never be same until we meet mom and Dad,Rocky.
sigrun medley
- Sun May 17 17:54:56 2020

You were the best clinic cat anyone could have ever hoped for. I'm so sorry for what happened to you. We all know that you've moved on to something greater. We love and miss you.

Kansas City, Missouri - Wed Apr 29 12:38:19 2020

Otis. Your unexpected death leaves a giant hole in our hearts. I hope you have found Milo your brother, and are both having a great time. We miss you every day and hope to see you at the rainbow bridge someday.
Frank Magrone
- Tue Mar 31 18:11:50 2020

Miga...I love you and miss you so much. You will always be Mama’s Baby Girl. My heart is broken but I am happy to have had you in my life for almost 15 years. You gave me so much happiness and joy your whole life and I will miss you with all my heart until we are together again!!! 💕🐾💕

Love, Mama

Pilar Kaiser
- Sat Mar 14 13:10:01 2020

Baby, thank you for being the furry, purry best. I love you sweetheart and although your soul has gone to heaven, it was wonderful to see you again today and I am thankful to have your earthly remains here at home with me. I love you so much and you are missed immensely and always will be until we reunite.
Nicole St John
- Thu Feb 6 13:45:17 2020

Dearest Dakota, I miss you dearly this holiday season. I pray that you are resting in Jesus' arms. Merry Christmas, sweet girl.
Lees Summit, MO - Thu Dec 26 14:50:28 2019

My baby girl "Bear" passed away last Nov Nov 20. We love you girl. Our angel. Beth and Welby
Beth Landa Johnson
- Mon Nov 18 09:33:27 2019

We lost our Buster Brown yesterday, as I held him and watched him fade away I remembered all the good memories. He was a therapy dog to my kids, a loyal friend and companion and I loved him so much. He knew when I was sick and would come comfort me, and when he was sick I would comfort him. We were buddies, our family will greatly miss him and I hope I meet him at the rainbow bridge someday.
Heather Halterman
Gardner, Kansas - Sat Jul 20 17:30:14 2019

Thank you, Hans, for rescuing us ' old people'. You were just what we needed! You were faithful and loyal to the end. We are sorry that Big "C" took you away so soon. You are forever in our hearts . Pop and Dee

Lloyd Hotchkiss
Lenexa , kansas - Tue Jul 16 08:02:40 2019

On April 27, 2019, I unexpectedly had to say goodbye to my sweet baby boy, Charlie


Words cannot express how my heart aches yet I feel so blessed for the love and joy you brought into my life. Your unconditional love was overwhelming and I am so blessed and grateful for those gifts. You were incredibly affectionate and loyal and the companionship and love we shared is irreplaceable. You had such a large presence in my life and your loud constant purring consistently warmed my heart.

I will always cherish the time we had together and the lasting memories you have left behind to help comfort me during this difficult time...and always. I ache to hold you again and tears continuously flow down my checks but I find comfort in knowing we shared something so very special and that our loving bond can never be taken away from us. You have given me so many gifts. Your unconditional love, your sweet purrs, your companionship, your never ending affection, and so much more. There was an unspoken emotional connection each time I looked into your eyes.

You have taught me to love wholeheartedly. The void of your presence is unbearable and you are already missed so very much. Thank you for the special gift of 'You' and the beauty and love you brought into my life. I loved you with my entire heart and you truly left your paw print on my heart forever. 🐾 By love you will always be remembered and in memory you will continue to live.

May our love and memories always keep us together. I know one day we will meet again. Until that time, I will hold you in my heart and I will see you in my dreams. Run free and be in peace, my sweet little baby boy.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. I love you, Charlie! ❤️

Mama J

Jody Rovick
Overland Park, KS - Fri May 3 07:42:09 2019

On 4-7-19 We lost or beloved Son Nacho. He may have been a chihuahua but he was like our child. I miss him greatly and my tears keep flowing. We know he is not feeling weak anymore and his heart can now rest. There will never be another like him nor could you ever be replaced. Our memories will never fade and the joy you brought into our lives for 15 years will be rejoiced each day. I love you so much Nacho bear & Salsa misses you too so very much. Rest my little boy and be free where ever you are. Thank You God for allowing him to be the one that brought us such joy. Rest in peace..12-31-03 to 4-7-19..Love you,Mommy & Daddy Covarrubias
Shannon Covarrubias
Liberty, Missouri - Tue Apr 9 20:40:30 2019

Petey Magrone, our beloved kitty of almost 19 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week to be with his brother Blackie who passed last year. We will always remember him and love him and while his body is gone he will forever retain a special place in our hearts. We love you Petey and we miss you so much, but we take comfort in knowing that you are now with your brother. PS. Give Blackie our love and a big hug from us.
Frank and Betty Magrone
- Fri Feb 8 15:34:35 2019

On January 3rd I unexpectedly lost my little girl Ellie. She was just special and I don't really know how else to describe her. It was heart breaking not only for myself, but my other dogs. She was there one day and gone the next and I don't really think they understood why. She was 8 pounds and her big brother and big sister are 60 pounds, but size did not matter in their relationship. She held her own and kept up with them. She had so much love to give and it was really just unfair to lose her. I am thankful for the little time I had with her, but need more...
Ariel Shadid
Gladstone, MO - Wed Jan 30 14:56:21 2019

August 12, 2018 was the last day we had with our best buddy Thunder. He was the smartest, most intuitive dog I have ever known and I consider him to be one of my best friends. He was truly a beautiful,kind spirit and the best cuddler anyone could ask for. Our family will never be the same without him. Thank you Thunder for your love, protection and company all these years. Never a goodbye for you will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again. We love you.

Love, Mommy and Family

Christi S & Family
Leavenworth, Kansas - Fri Aug 17 14:08:41 2018

My precious cat, Stevie, passed away from cancer far too young at the age of 6 on August 2, 2018. He was one of a kind. His passing affected me profoundly. I loved him so deeply and miss him so very much. Rest in peace, my sweet, special boy.
Susan Hatfield
Olathe, KS - Fri Aug 10 13:48:59 2018

Its been almost a month. We miss you so much Lily. You were my best friend for 15 years. We love you, rest in peace.
Kevin Terri & family Olathe Ks

kevin ogrady
- Sat Jun 2 07:36:19 2018

I had to say goodbye to my 4 year old Boxer, Zeus last month unexpectedly. Worst experience I have ever had losing someone I loved with every piece of my being, but the moment I received my babies ashes back, I had the most overwhelming sense of peace. The way his ashes were presented in the beautiful urn with a certificate saying how he was cremated with dignity and respect made me feel relieved. And he was home. I know his spirit wasn't there when he was cremated, but it's so wonderful to receive him and have him home like that. Thank you so much.
Independence, Missouri - Mon Mar 12 15:21:46 2018

Blackie Magrone, our beloved kitty of almost 18 years and brother of Petey Magrone passed peacefully and crossed the Rainbow Bridge Monday morning at 8:30 after a short illness. We will always remember him and love him and while his body is gone, his spirit will always be with us and his brother. We love you Blackie and we miss you so much. love, Mom, Dad and Petey
Frank & Betty Magrone
KC, Mo. 64155 - Thu Feb 22 07:27:21 2018

Blackie Magrone, Our beloved kitty of almost 18 years and brother of Petey Magrone crossed the Rainbow Bridge Monday morning at 8:30AM We will always remember him and love him and while his body is gone his spirit will be with us and his brother. We love you blackie and we miss you so much.
Frank Magrone
- Wed Feb 21 17:44:41 2018

Thank you so much for taking care of my Annie. It touched my heart when I saw the certification that she had been treated with dignity. She was my best friend and really all I had in this world. She was certainly a diva dog with her own wardrobe, chair, toys, etc. Not a minute goes by that I don't think of her and break into tears because I miss her so much. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath and felt the peace go through her body. She was loved everywhere she went and I was always told how sweet she was and how good she had been. She even won the bathing suit contest at Pet Smart one year. Annie will always been in my heart.

Kansas City, Kansas - Thu Jan 25 14:40:14 2018

Casper passed away December 9th. He was an 11 year old cat full of life and adventure and will be missed always. Thank you for taking care of him for us.
Forever missed,
Janna, Braden and Brennon Brown

Janna Brown
- Mon Dec 11 07:00:38 2017

I came back from the war mess up, broken and with lots of anger and many other issues I got hurt too I have fused back and I was medically out in 2013 my brother gave me a dog before my first surgery to help me deal with my issues I felt it wasn't enough my neighbor had a nice maltipo and I use to dogsit and it help me some one day in December she came over and brought me a gift a rescue dog a maltipo he had so many issues he hit me a few times when I try to pet him found out he was abused and left in the closet and had so many issues we bought had anger and trust issues we both help each other but I think he did most of the work he taught me a lot about love and affection we became a good family bolio and snoop help me deal with my ptsd he had cancer a couple of year back they remove quite of it he recover but it came back I was going to put him to sleep after my birthday I knew it was time but today on my birthday he say his goodbyes he took his last breath at 5:30 Rip in piece my friend my love one you made me a better man. Bolio you be miss.
Rigoberto Baeza
Kansas City, Missouri - Fri Sep 15 22:02:56 2017

Dice R'oni left me to be at peace on Saturday, September 9, 2017. She has been my BEST friend from 4 weeks old, for almost 13 years. I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I didn't realize how much my daily life would change with her gone. I'm glad I will have a place to visit.
Jennifer Jofre
Shawnee, KS - Fri Sep 15 09:13:55 2017

What a wonderful page. I lost my Nikki August 13 due to complications from tracheal collapse and geriatric vestibular syndrome. Miss you and love you Nikki. I know in my heart I will see you again at the rainbow bridge. Mommy loves and misses her good, beautiful baby.
cindy binkley
Franklin, North Carolina - Sat Dec 10 12:28:13 2016

After 12 years, I lost my friend/companion Manny. I am thankful that Rolling Acres was very understanding of my grief. Being welcomed with a smile was very comforting.

When I picked up Manny's remains, I was greeted by a loving ambassador Mr. Cat [gray], who also brought comfort and peace with his presence.

M. Sue Samudio
- Thu May 5 05:23:15 2016

it has been 4 years to the day that I last posted on here for my baby girl Nikki. I think of you everyday at some point, not always sad, but some days are. I am THANKFUL for this place to post things like this along with others that feel the need to share their loss of their beloved family member. Nikki you have never left our hearts or minds, we now have another Australian Shepherd Charlo is his name, your sister Sophie is doing great. Ok SUGAR, I just felt the need to reach out and share something as you are heavy on my heart. I MISS AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH.!!
Joe Litzsinger
Prairie Village, Kansas - Thu Mar 31 05:08:49 2016

We lost our beloved Alex on December 28, 2015. I don't think we ever could have prepared ourselves for saying goodbye to her. Alex was 19 years old and meant everything to us. As Papa says best, there is only one Alex and she can never be replaced. Alex you were perfect in every possible way. The joy and love that you gave will never be forgotten and you will live on in our hearts forever. I feel blessed to have you as our child. You were the best daughter to Nana, Papa and myself. You were so caring that it's truly amazing for your love was endless. You were a gift from God. It will forever echo in my mind everyday that I would come over to see you and Papa would say Alex, your Mommy is coming to see you. I loved seeing you wag your tail and the excitement you would show. You brought instant joy to me and were such a special family member to us that I too know you can never be replaced. I knew for several days prior that you were being called to Heaven. I could feel Nana's presence and I knew she was here to take you to Heaven. It's not a coincidence that it would be on Nana and Papa's anniversary. You were so close to Nana and you had been so patient to be reunited with our precious Nana. I think you held on for as long as possible, for you didn't want to leave Papa. I can't truly say in words alone how much you mean to us. Alex, I will never forget you. I will always love you. I will always miss you until we can be together again. Love always, Mommy
Jane Spalding
Overland Park, KS - Tue Jan 19 16:09:18 2016

Hi Guys,

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all of you during my loss of my 14 year old German Shepherd, Daisy-Mae on 1/04/2016. It was one of those things that I knew was going to happen sooner than later, but always thought I would have been there with her when the time came. It was like losing a child. Nancy, who I believe called me back in the early morning hours to discuss my options was very helpful, and for that I'm truly grateful. To the staff, you all were great. Dropping her off was hard, however peaceful at the same time. I was very impressed with your level of concern for my loss, and I can't say enough about the staff. Truly outstanding you all! I know she was taken care of, and in the best hands possible!

Thanks so much! You truly made a rough day a bit easier!

Steve Walker

Steve Walker
KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Wed Jan 13 17:44:59 2016

I had to put my kitty down on Nov 7, 2015. I had found him almost dead lying in the street. He was 1 1/2 pounds. Two years later he weighed 12 pounds. He had been shot also plus many sad health issues. I was told about Rolling Acres. I made a trip with my kitty(Alley Cat) before he left. I wanted him to meet the staff and the staff to meet him. That was a great day for the both of us. He loved everyone there. The next trip was to leave him after he left. I had so many worries about creamation and will I ever see him again. I started going to the support sessions. Nancy and each person there comforted me and reassured me that it would all be okay. This week will be my third support group meeting. I have found so much comfort by being there. I enjoy walking around the cemetery. So many loved pets by their humans. Thank you so very much to the staff at Rolling Acres.

Gary Cole
Overland Park, Kansas - Mon Jan 11 13:45:16 2016

I just wanted to send a thank you to Rolling Acres and also your vet partner Red Bridge Animal Clinic for helping me and my family through this traumatic time. We loved our Lucy very much and it gives me much peace to see how much you will care for our animal as we laid her to rest Tuesday, December 15th. It has been one of the most devastating events to happen to us, as we loved her so very, very much. She was not just our family dog, but she was our child, a sister and so much more. Thank you for treating her respectfully and thank you for offering such wonderful, private cremations, so we can be sure to get our baby back. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The McNeal & Davison Family
Missy McNeal
Lee's Summit, MO - Sat Dec 19 08:00:25 2015

Wow that time is coming up - On christmas day Our Maggie will be gone for a year, I have been talking a lot about her last couple weeks and I am dreading Christmas this year only because of the unexpected loss that day last year. We did adopt a pit rescue from MPR and her name is Maddie, I often find myself calling her Maggie. I realize how lucky we were to have found Maggie on the highway and to make an end to her abuse of breeding, starvation , neglect of love, shelter and food . I to this day still very angry that she was abused for so long before she could escape those horrible people and just happen to fall into our home. Maddie is not a replacement for Maggie but it does help ease the pain of our loss a tiny bit- I miss her so darn much !! soon her 3 legged friend snoopy will be joining her and our cat Kirby who is getting very old and frail will be joining her. I wish the heartbreak of losing pets would not be so hard- just about the time I feel that maybe its getting better those darn triggers hit me like a knife in the chest and it starts all over again....UGH ! I love and miss you Maggie so very much ~ <3 Mom and Dad
vicki clark
lawson, MO - Tue Nov 24 20:50:41 2015

My sons pit bull Zeus will be gone Dec 15 one year, he is missed so much by all of us - he did adopt another pit bull from KCPP but its just not the same but then again maybe it isn't meant to be because our pets are NOT replaceable but our hearts have lots of love to give the new ones who wander in there....Miss you Zeus, love nana & Papa
vicki clark
MO - Tue Nov 24 20:34:25 2015

Wow that time is coming up - On christmas day Our Maggie will be gone for a year, I have been talking a lot about her last couple weeks and I am dreading Christmas this year only because of the unexpected loss that day last year. We did adopt a pit rescue from MPR and her name is Maddie, I often find myself calling her Maggie. I realize how lucky we were to have found Maggie on the highway and to make an end to her abuse of breeding, starvation , neglect of love, shelter and food . I to this day still very angry that she was abused for so long before she could escape those horrible people and just happen to fall into our home. Maddie is not a replacement for Maggie but it does help ease the pain of our loss a tiny bit- I miss her so darn much !! soon her 3 legged friend snoopy will be joining her and our cat Kirby who is getting very old and frail will be joining her. I wish the heartbreak of losing pets would not be so hard- just about the time I feel that maybe its getting better those darn triggers hit me like a knife in the chest and it starts all over again....UGH ! I love and miss you Maggie so very much ~ <3 Mom and Dad
vicki clark
lawson, MO - Tue Nov 24 20:29:07 2015

Wow that time is coming up - On christmas day Our Maggie will be gone for a year, I have been talking a lot about her last couple weeks and I am dreading Christmas this year only because of the unexpected loss that day last year. We did adopt a pit rescue from MPR and her name is Maddie, I often find myself calling her Maggie. I realize how lucky we were to have found Maggie on the highway and to make an end to her abuse of breeding, starvation , neglect of love, shelter and food . I to this day still very angry that she was abused for so long before she could escape those horrible people and just happen to fall into our home. Maddie is not a replacement for Maggie but it does help ease the pain of our loss a tiny bit- I miss her so darn much !! soon her 3 legged friend snoopy will be joining her and our cat Kirby who is getting very old and frail will be joining her. I wish the heartbreak of losing pets would not be so hard- just about the time I feel that maybe its getting better those darn triggers hit me like a knife in the chest and it starts all over again....UGH ! I love and miss you Maggie so very much ~ <3 Mom and Dad
vicki clark
- Tue Nov 24 20:29:03 2015

Well Gizmo you have lots of company now Laci, Baby Girl and Mackenzie have joined you ,now my Nikki is on her way to be with you, love each other the way we love and miss you every day
Curtis Dowdell
Riverside, Missouri - Sat Oct 31 08:39:34 2015

Thank you for creating a special place for our best friends. Our Maya is there. She was a 14 year old chocolate lab that traveled the world with us. It's been over a year and I still expect to see her coming around the corner. Miss and love her. Recently our daughters cat was added, he left us way too soon at only 17 months. King had the biggest personality with the sweetest disposition. Even when he was ill, he's purr at your touch. Sure miss the little guy. But glad to know Maya is there to show him around and keep him company.
- Wed Sep 16 23:37:48 2015

Chico, it's been almost five months. My heart still aches without you. Once in awhile I have to remove myself and let my heartache out. I want to THANK YOU for leading us to Mollie or leading Mollie to us! I remember telling dad if you didn't want us to bring home Mollie you would NOT allow it to work out..but you DID! She has filled our hearts with so much happiness, but even more Amores heart! He is once again so happy! She reminds me so much of you, which I was afraid I'd never find. She's feisty and snuggles me every night right by my side like you! She chases us around the house and bites our ankles playfully.. it reminds me so much of you. But most of all...she hates when I make the bed!! Nips my hands and attacks the blankets out of play.. ironically just like you did as well. It's almost like you never left us. She still can't replace my chico though! Amore and her have formed quite the bond and are inseperable!! It's almost as if you fit a piece of yourself right into her. I thank you again for blessing us. You are always missed and I can not wait til the day you run and jump into my arms again... I will be waiting, my dearest friend.♡
- Tue Jun 30 20:53:27 2015

SINJA, it is with a big hole in our hearts that we write this to you. You have made it to the Rainbow Bridge. You are now playing together with Kodiak and Bridget and Sasha and Harmony to name just a few of your pals. We know you are feeling much better now and are having a great time. I have looked for you around the house many times these last 6 days and have missed your head on my lap at night watching TV. It won't be long till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and continue to have a wonderful time with my girl SINJA. In the end everyone took great care of you and of that I was greatly thankful you didn't suffer. We will always love you and miss you so much more. There will never be another dog that can take your place, you were one of a kind and we had a wonderful 13 years of life packed with fun and love from you. Love Mom and Dad
Wayne and Ruth Morey
Grain Valley, MO - Mon Apr 13 02:36:07 2015

Chico, my heart still aches. It hasn't been a week yet since your passing. I wake up randomly, thinking of you. I guess that's why im awake now. I saved you from parvo so long ago & now that your life was taken by a careless driver I feel as if i failed you. You saved me, you filled the hole that entered my heart for so many years after my moms passing from cancer. Now GODs taken you from me too... Amore still looks for you and takes a journey through all of the rooms to see if you're there. He misses his son, his best friend. I've never had a dog be so loyal and loving. We found the people who done this to you. Only live two streets from us. Chico I miss you so much and not a day goes by where I don't !miss you cuddling up under my chin, or how you used to do your scream at the squirrels through the door. You brought so much life into our home. Its so quiet without you. I have such a huge emptiness once again that's in my heart. I keep hoping I'll open the door and you'll run in and jump into my arms. This is so unreal to me and you were so close to making it home. It makes me angry and my heart heavy with hatred that you're gone. We all miss you so much. I have to say I'm so sorry I've let you down... I should have just kept an eye on you... ):. Some days are much harder than others and I just need you back.. Whenever I have a breakdown amore runs to me and licks my face until I stop. I wish it could be you also. I'll never forget you. Best friend. Reality always hits me in the face again when I lift the covers in the morning and you're not there ready to see me so excitedly and ready to go outside or at bedtime when Youd snuggle right next to me and stay there all night. Now its just an empty spot. I miss you chasing off dogs bigger than you. I miss how you'd follow me to Hays room and lay by her vent wagging your tail to let me know you're waiting til I'm done. I lost a lot when I lost you.... I feel as if the world is ending and that its full of bad people and not a world of love and peace anymore. Everyone says you'll be waiting for me at the bridge with my mom!I just hope its true that there is a afterlife where I'll be able to love on you all over again and genuinely laugh again. Were waiting on another dog, and nothing in the world could ever replace you Chico!!! When the times right I just hope by some miracle you give me a feeling about the right one, one that is just like YOU. If I never find that, I'll never be satisfied. Please watch over us, especially Amore. I'm looking into attending pet grieving classes, this has just completely crushed me. You're forever in our hearts Chico. Come visit me please... I'd give anything to just see you one more time! I love you. Rest easy..

- Sat Feb 14 01:00:34 2015

Dearest Takoda, Missing you comes to me the moment I open my eyes in the morning. Your love and devotion is deeply missed. I hope you are enjoying the fellow doggies near you and expect your soul to be teaching them some of your codes of conduct. Each day I open the door at home and miss your loving eyes. My tears drop in hands that will forever miss you, Love Sheila….your sissy.
Sheila Patterson
Roeland Park, Kansas - Wed Feb 4 08:15:05 2015

Hello my sweet Takoda, I can't believe it's been 5 long days since your passing. At times it feels more like just minutes ago, I miss you sooo much. Life will never be the same because you were all that life was all about. You were the rainbows, the smiles and laughter, the goofiness but most of all the loving and caring companion. The Best. I'll miss your smile upon waking and your always present smile at bedtime. Your name was befitting (Takoda - friend to all), and you truly were. Enjoy your new friends and say hello to the family. We'll speak again soon. Love you always.
Cheryl Patterson
Roeland Park, Kansas - Sat Jan 31 12:48:58 2015

Sweet Karmie Muddles. I miss your crabby little face and your soft purr. Keep Chiara in line. I will see you both again at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mommy
Debra DePalma
Leawood, Kansas - Sun Jan 25 16:24:40 2015

Happy 3rd birthday Chiara Annabella. Thank you for all your love. We miss you every day. We'll see you again one day. Love, Mommy and Mommy2 with Leonessa
Debra DePalma
Leawood, Kansas - Sun Jan 25 16:21:29 2015

Merry Christmas Sweet boy even though it's not the same without you here We miss you more and more everyday I'm sure you have made a lot of friends in heaven.We love you very very much and miss you like crazy. Love forever Mommy Daddy And Hershey.
Tonya Kratzberg
- Thu Dec 25 11:04:09 2014

Happy thanks giving I wish you were still here Chloe why why did you leave me at the hardest time please come back. I don't want to live with out you. I miss you Stella Misses you Aubrey, Alivia, Bobbi, Kaelib and more miss you you left us at the worst time of our lives going into 6th grade.
Sophia Messina
- Fri Nov 28 22:28:58 2014

Happy Thanks Giving Sweet Boy We Miss You Everyday We Wish You Were Here To Spend It With Us.We Love You So Very Much Hope You Have Made Some Friends At The Rainbow Bridge. Love You Forever Mommy Daddy And Hershey
Tonya Kratzberg
Edwardsville , Ks - Thu Nov 27 07:32:53 2014

I wanted to thank all the people who work for Rolling Acres for all the services, helping through the grieving times and have taken real good care of many of our animals that we have lost through the years, and the wonderful up keep of the property. It is so beautiful and very peacefull there. May god bless you all. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.
Bridget Smeltzer
Gladstone, Missouri - Fri Nov 21 09:49:36 2014

Gizzy, Lacy, Baby Girl, Annies Mckinzie has gone over the Rainbow Bridge take care of her for us.We miss you all EVERY day and love you forever
Curtis Dowdell
Riverside , Mo - Fri Oct 10 17:32:00 2014

Kurt, beloved schnauzer of my deceased sister Jacque Mahar, rest in peace.
Kurt Mahar {Deanna Hotchkiss|
lenexa, kansas - Thu Oct 2 08:12:17 2014

One month ago yesterday, I had to have my little dog put to sleep. His name was Corkey, and he was a Spoodle, springer poodle mix. He was 17 1/2 years old. I had him since he was a puppy. For 8 years, since my divorce, it was just me and Corkey. I want to thank my vet and the kind folks at Rolling Acres for being so caring. I didn't know what to expect when Corkey's ashes were returned to me. They were put in a very nice urn with his name on it and I love the poem Rainbow Bridge. I cry every time read it.
Tammy Weston
Kansas City, Missouri - Mon Sep 22 20:02:42 2014

I just ordered my Oak box urn for my Aussie boy Austin. I lost him in December. I am so grateful to the wonderful vets that helped in those last days! I was so touched and appreciated the certificate you enclosed with his remains. Thanks for a great service.
Mary Kay Parn
- Fri Aug 29 15:27:19 2014

I lost my sweet Sophie girl this past Monday night. My heart is completely broken. I am expecting her ashes to be returned to us tomorrow, and I have prayed all week that you have taken special care with her. I am thankful to the emergency vet for letting us know about you, I really didn't know what I was going to do! Thank you for this service and for loving your pets as much as I loved my Sophie!,
Michelle Johnson
- Thu Aug 28 20:07:59 2014

Can't believe you have been gone 4 years today We miss you everyday that goes by. You are our best friend Mama misses you so much too. I cry a lot because i miss you so much. We love you forever Taz love always Mommy daddy and Hershey
tonya kratzberg
Edwardsville, ks - Tue Aug 26 19:00:36 2014

I lost a lots of pets lately. Here I am not happy at all with the cremation services. The one close to orlando were wonderful peoples who care for the pets. I wonder how far you are from Dresden Tenn where we live now? thank you
julie landmichael
- Sun Aug 3 21:25:17 2014

Note from Rolling Acres: We are about 480 miles away from Dresden. However, I had one pet shipped here by air cargo from TN to be cremated. We have received more than one pet at the airport! If you wish more information, please email me at

i lost my cat named sissy on july 17, 2014.. she was going on 23 years sissy, you are an angel in heaven... I love you... and I do miss you... love mom
joyce brady
- Thu Jul 31 08:49:39 2014

Thank you for taking care of my baby girl Sierra. I got her ashes back quickly and I feel better having her back home with me. It was a bittersweet day but I'm thankful you are there to help with these type of life events and heartaches.
Kansas City, MO - Mon Jul 28 22:29:13 2014

my co worker told me about Rolling Acres today and I wish that I had been told about you about a year ago when I lost My baby boy { cat} trouble
Donna Harris
LENEXA, kansas - Fri Jul 11 19:36:38 2014

I came home one day and found my 12 year old cat malibu laying on the floor I knew he was in pain so we took him to the emergency clinic and found out that he would have probably died before we got him home and we couldnt pay for the things he needed done so we put him down so he wouldnt suffer I miss him dearly and I think about him every day
tyler thomas
shawnee, kansas - Wed Jul 9 10:45:34 2014

Gizzzy and Lacy, Baby Girl has crossed the Rainbow Bridge take care of her, tell her mom and dad miss her so much, but she is better off, run and play with her, we miss all of you soooo much we love you all and always, can't wait to see you again
Curtis Dowdell
- Wed May 28 18:42:01 2014

Our 11 year old mini-Schnauzer was in constant pain from a vertebrae problem. Because of his age our vet suggested doing the unthinkable. We could not stand to see him unable to stand or lie down without yelping in pain, so we did what was necessary. We sent our boy to Rolling Acres for cremation. I called to order an urn in advance and the lady I spoke with was very sympathetic and helpful. We were called when his body arrived and they promised to take good care of him. The ashes and the urn were returned as promised along with a nice card and record of authenticity. This is hard time for my wife and myself and these people have made is so much easier. I do not look forward to doing this again but we will get another dog and if we need this type of service I will definitely choose Rolling Acres again. You have earned my eternal gratitude...thanks from our family and our Norman "Bates" Psycho Dog.
Robert A.
Leavenworth, Kansas - Fri May 16 08:54:16 2014

You have been the best dog ever. We couldn't bury you with all the snow around but we will visit you come spring time. We will keep our fond memories of you in our hearts. The Sparks

delhi, Indiana - Mon Mar 10 01:26:48 2014

It's only been a week without my beloved Mackenna, but it feels like I'm grieving for a lifetime. Rolling Acres, thank you for taking care of my baby girl. I was more than happy with how she was cremated privately and returned to me with a clay print. You went above and beyond.
- Tue Mar 4 19:15:20 2014

Maximus my 13 3/4 year old Puppy Rottweiler your Papa misses you so very much. God brought you to us from Puppy Heaven to grace our family with your loyalty, sense of humor and playfulness. I miss you at the gate on walks and every where. Love - Papa.
Douglas Morgan
- Fri Feb 28 00:10:42 2014

Goldie, I miss you so much. Its already been a month and I still cry every day. Sometimes I think I see you at home and do a double take, but you arent there. You were and still are my best friend. I wish I could see and touch you again. I pray you are happy and safe and have no pain. I pray for your forgiveness for letting you go at the vet that day. I always find myself wondering why didnt I think to let you wait another day or another hour. I have such regtrets for this. I miss you so much. I love you so much. Rest in peace my angel.
Cindy Burton
Pleasant Valley, Missouri - Thu Feb 6 13:14:18 2014

Thank you Rolling Acres for taking good care of my good girl Kalani, who died suddenly 4 days before Christmas. She was a beautiful Lynx-point Siamese who was only 5 years old. She was so fluffy and sweet, and claimed my sock drawer as her bed. Her favorite toy was a rubber bracelet which she would sometimes drop into her water dish, leave in my shoe, or drop right into my hand. She was an excellent mouser. We don't know why she was taken from us so soon, and she will be missed terribly. I look forward to seeing her again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.
Gay Crawford
Olathe, Kansas - Sat Dec 28 09:39:53 2013 were more than just a "DOG" to me, and to your family. You brought out the best in everyone you met, and changed so many opinions about your particular breed...a "PIT BULL" with unconditional love...I love you baby...always and forever

Your Daddy...Patrick

Patrick Pent
Overland Park, Kansas - Thu Dec 5 15:49:53 2013

Roxy, I will always miss you. I simply can't believe that it has been one year ago today since we laid you to rest. I never stop thinking about all the adorable things that you did. It is not the same without you, though in spirit I know that you are with us. If only we could go back in time. I would do anything to have the chance to hold you again. You are forever in my heart. I love you so much! Your precious ashes I look at every day and I have a Roxy memorial wall that I made for you. You couldn't have tried any harder and I am so proud of you for the strength that you showed. My heart is with you always. Love forever, Mommy
Jane Spalding

Jane Spalding
Overland Park, KS - Mon Dec 2 10:01:33 2013

I received Shelby's ashes today. I just wanted to thank you for taking good care of her during the cremation process, with respect and dignity. I appreciate the certificate and poem. We had for her 18 years and I miss her so much. She will forever be in my heart.
Tammy Petermeier
Liberty , MO - Tue Sep 17 15:58:50 2013

Can't believe it's been 3 years today That We Said Goodby To You Sweet Boy We Miss You Everyday We Love You So Very Much I Think About you all The Time. I Miss Your Hugs And Kisses We Love You Forever And Always, Love Mommy Daddy And Hershey
Tonya Kratzberg
EdwardsVille, KS - Mon Aug 26 11:22:30 2013

Its been a month today since we lost our first dog Prince (beagle. I miss him so much that all I do is cry. He was my baby and I loved him so much it hurt to write and hold back my tears. I love you Prince and I wish you was still here, but I know you are in doggy heaven and we shall see each other again. I just cant get you out my mind. Gone but never be forgotten. Ps buddy misses you so much too.
Love mom (natalie)Daddy(Brian) sisters(Jasmine&Tamarah) Brother(Brian JR) Dog (buddy) New dog (Princess)

Natalie & Brian Richards
Leavenworth, Kansas - Sat Jul 6 00:28:56 2013

It is a great comfort to have such a wonderful and peaceful place for our pets. We have lost two very special dogs, Gypsy and Jessie, and are thankful for the staff members and services provided. You helped us honor their lives as we laid them to rest and you helped us with emotional support. Beverly once again did a great job on the preparations and service. Nancy, thank you for checking on us. We appreciate the two guys who so professionally and kindly dug and closed the grave. Our hearts were broken losing Jessie first, then Gypsy most recently. What a blessing Rolling Acres is to our family.
The Stone Family
Andover, Kansas - Sun Jun 30 11:24:16 2013

My sweet Tess, was put to rest today @ East Hills Animal Clinic......she was the best dog i ever had , so sweet and so smart. I will miss her dearly.
Doug Kienlen
Saint Joseph, Missouri - Tue May 21 09:51:01 2013

Yesterday you cremated my beloved precious Angel SuzyQ.
She was the light of my life and my heart. I miss her so
very much. She was always at my side for 9 Wonderful years
and was the glue that kept me together thru deaths and many a life crisis. My heart is breaking and I feel so lost without her. Thanks to Chris for helping to make yesterday a little better for me and SuzyQ. I am just so devastated
at her being gone. I just loved her so much. She will never be forgotten ever. Like I said she was my heart.

Carolyn Johnson
Kansas City North, MO - Thu Apr 25 05:46:19 2013

Our precious Rocky, We miss you terribly little guy but
are glad you aren't suffering any longer. You brought our family more
Joy than we ever imagined. Forever in our hearts.

Yvonne Hutton
Overland Park, Kansas - Tue Feb 26 16:40:59 2013

Pretty girl. I miss you..its so strange to wake up and you aren't in your regular spot. Thank you for being part of or family. The boys sure do miss you especially Donovan. You were the best friend that anyone could all for. Please don't be upset with me. I didn't want to see youyou in pain anymore..Thank you for your dedication and always being there to greet us home with your tail wagging. I love you Catie girl
platte city, mo - Sat Feb 16 09:41:39 2013

Our Goldie, Schroeder left us almost 5 years ago. but we still think of him and miss him very much. I'll see you at the bridge someday buddy and we'll take that walk I promised.
Frank Magrone
- Wed Jan 23 18:00:53 2013

My dearest Lacy, We lost Gizmo, he is now with you at Rolling Acres, you both can play and romp the way you used to do, you and Gizmo left us some wonderful puppies over the years, we love you both and miss you every day.
Curtis Dowdell
Riverside, Mo - Wed Jan 23 08:50:25 2013

Lacy, this was the second Christmas without you, Mom and I miss you every day, but we know you are in a better place. Keep an eye on the Rainbow Bridge, Gizmo will be joining you soon.
Curtis Dowdell
Riverside , Missouri - Mon Jan 14 14:36:29 2013

You just cremated my little Muffin on Monday. You guys are the best. She was so beautiful and such a special baby. Thank you for making it such a wonderful day. Thank you for all you do. You are wonderful people!!
Jami Peoples
Platte City , MO - Thu Jan 10 09:18:58 2013

Hello, I wanted to pass a message on to the Rolling Acres staff and to all of the people out there who consider their pets as a true member of the family, not just a pet. I lost my precious Quin New Years Day 2013. He would have been fourteen on the eighth of January.

Words cant begin to explain the pain and hurt that I went through that night. I know that their are many people who experience that same pain when they lose their family member.

I had Quin since he was eight weeks old. I have no Quin was truly my heart.

I want to thank Rolling Acres for their loving compassion during this time. I want to send an extra hug to Suzette Roggentien for the love and compassion she expressed to me during this time.

I have another dog burried at Rolling Acres...Crissy, who died in 1998. I cremated my Quin, which was very difficult. Suzette made this transition much more bearable than it would have been. I will always bring my pets home to Rolling Acres for their passage from here to heaven.

Thank you again Suzette for being the person that you are...and tolet you know that you have truly met your calling in life. You were made for exactly what you are doing...luv to all of you. Have a wonderful year...

Donna Johnson
Independence, Mo - Tue Jan 8 14:41:39 2013

Happy Birthdy and Merry Christmas to our little Buddy.
Beverly Cox
Kansas City, MO - Thu Dec 13 07:15:33 2012

Roxy, The love that you shared with us will live on forever. We did everything to save you baby and you were so strong. Through each blood transfusion and every week of checking your red blood cells you were the perfect patient. You are an angel and I love you with all my heart. The last ten days without you beside me has been unbearable. You are now in your new home in heaven. The kiss you gave me on my nose as you left this world is for all eternity etched in my heart. You were my spirit and now your spirit is free to enjoy all the wonderful treasures in heaven. I know that you are at peace, I feel it in my heart. I will love you forever. We never once gave up hope. It was up to you all along. When you showed us it was your time we gave you the comfort you needed to go and be happy. When I am called someday we will be reunited and we will have forever together. Until then your memory will be of amazing greatness for you were the perfect daughter and I miss you with every passing second. All that I have seen teaches me to trust God for all I have not seen. This I trust in and I will learn how to get through each day until I see you again. Roxy, I love you always. Mommy XOXO
Jane Spalding
Overland Park, KS - Wed Dec 12 21:05:54 2012

It has been a month since we lost you, Gipper, but we still think about you every day. You brightened our days for 13 years. It still doesn't feel right to come home and not have you waiting for us. We miss your wagging tail. We miss snuggling with you on cold days. You will always be in our hearts! We love you, Gipper!
Blue Springs, MO - Thu Oct 18 09:37:43 2012

Word's cannot express how much I miss my sweet little cat Annie. I hate to open my door when I arrive home after work because I expect to see you sitting there and you are not there anymore. We went through a lot together and you always knew when I needed you on my lap. Annie, you were loved by everyone. As I said everyday when I left for work; God, please watch over Little Annie until I see you again.
Your Best Friend and Caretaker

barbara ross
kansas city, missouri - Thu Sep 20 14:03:19 2012

My Sweet Boy Taz Can't believe It's been 2 years today that you went to heaven I miss you more everyday You are my best friend. Momma misses you so much I Think About you everyday I Love You Forever My Best Friend Love Always Mommy
Tonya kratzberg
Edwardsville, Ks - Sun Aug 26 14:16:04 2012

Can't Believe Its Been 2 Years Today That I Said Goodbye To My Best Friend I Miss You Every Day Of My Life I Love You So Much. I Love You Miss You So Much My Best Friend.
Edwardsville, Ks - Sun Aug 26 07:31:17 2012

To my beloved bulldog Dru,

It’s been eight days since you left us; every day is hard, but a little easier than the last. I try hard to replace my sorrow, with all the wonderful memories we had over the last ten years. You were such a kind and loving girl, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss you tremendously. I know in time these wounds will heal, and I know you are in a better place. You will always have a place in my heart and I know someday we will meet again.


Frank Coppa
Kansas City, MO - Mon Jul 16 07:32:42 2012

My sweet baby Buddi- It has only been 5 days since you left me. Since then, I have been so lost and dont know what to do without my little guy around. I am crushed and heartbroken. I tried my best to save you. We did all that we could. I wish I could have done something differently that day so that things wouldnt have ended up this way. Mama loves you so very much and life just will not be the same with out you. Until I see you again. Love you son.
Raechel Little
Leavenworth, KS - Tue May 1 17:21:57 2012

I lost my son Buddi (Jack Russell Terrier) just last week in a tragic way. A heartless person hit him in front of my house and left the scene leaving me to rush Buddi to the vet, only for him to pass away. I saw it all happen and am traumatized. Have been crying for days on end. I chose to have him cremated through Rolling Acres. I believe it was the best thing to do for me and Buddi. Thank you for allowing me to have my son back. It has helped a little bit to have him back in my home even if its not in his playful and loving way. Only an animal lover would understand my choice to have him cremated. Thank you again for your service.
Leavenworth, KS - Tue May 1 17:15:58 2012

My sweet Bunsen (adopted 06.15.10-04.19.12), it has been a week since you have been gone, and it feels like the longest week of my life. I miss you, and am so thankful for the short time that we have had to share with you. You truly were the most wonderful cat. I cannot wait for you to come back home one last time. Until we meet again, love you so much, Mommy
Sarra Klimberg
Lawrence, KS - Thu Apr 26 20:15:56 2012

Hayley Bones, you were truly the most special friend a human could ever have had. I am so sad that you are not with me any more, but I feel so priviledged to have been holding you when you left this world. I am so sorry that I didn't chose to keep your ashes, but things were such a blurr and I couldn't think straight. I just couldn't bear to see you suffering. I know that you were taken to rolling acres for communal cremation and ash scattering and I will go and visit, just please forgive me for not knowing where you are. Just know that you will be in my heart forever sweet girl. You were loved so much. Good bye my darling angel, look for me in Heaven because I will find you again. Just please forgive me for now.
Wendy Norris
Overland Park, KS - Wed Apr 18 09:15:25 2012

To my baby girl Nikki, I am so heart broken that you left me on Wednesday afternoon without warning.....I am so happy that I was home and playing with you so that was on your mind when it was your time to head off to RAINBOW BRIDGE......there will never be a smarter Border Collie than you... :) ....your little sister Sophie has been looking around and doesn't seem to want to play with her toys......she has gone to the spot where you collapsed to try and find such luck....I have told her that you have gone to run in the fields.......and today with the help of Rolling came home to me....where you belong.....and I can't wait until you and I meet again and you can run out the front door to get Daddy's paper...... rest in peace SUGAR.....and never forget Daddy LOVES YOU SO MUCH FOREVER.......xoxo
Joe Litzsinger
Prairie Village, Kansas - Fri Mar 30 19:45:39 2012

Sweet Mandy girl, you will never know how much you are missed. God blessed us with you when you were rescued. We loved you with all our hearts and you are still loved. I'm not sure we will ever get over you. You have been a blessing to us as well as Oak Grove Animal Clinic and Rolling Acres. We read the poem about the Rainbow Bridge and I truly feel that you are in a wonderful place just waiting to be reunited with us. Rest in peace our precious Golden until we meet again.

Mom & Dad

Richard & Dorothy Sales
Oak Grove, Missouri - Tue Mar 27 18:26:15 2012

My Lacy, We miss you every day, even though it's been six months you are in our thought every day, the rest of the family is good, Baby Girl is doing fine, her Dad stepped up and sits by her now. We know you are happy now.
Curtis Dowdell
Riverside, Missouri - Thu Mar 15 15:00:01 2012

To our beloved Brody. It has been a year since you left us for the big doggy park in the sky. We miss you and think about you everyday. We wish you were here, but we know know you are in a better place. Love Mom, Dad, nick and Sean
Kansas City, Mo - Thu Mar 8 09:19:10 2012

Our friend and fellow God's creature, Will the cat passed away this past week. Although we are sad having spent 14 years with him we know that God takes care of all of his creation, and we are comforted knowing that Will is resting now without pain or loneliness. We love you Will and will visit your resting place often.
Your Family

V Family
Shawnee, Ks. - Fri Feb 10 17:41:02 2012

Riley Beastmaster Carr 2/16/96 - 2/14/12. Our dear sweet Riley. We miss you every minute of every day. We still can't believe you are gone. We know you and Sable are side by side having loads of fun in the warm sunny weather! Your boy Wags misses you too! No more pain buddy. We love you more than words can say. Dad, Mom, Wags, and the boys.
Lori Carr
Independence, Missouri - Tue Jan 17 08:14:07 2012

Merry Christmas Sweet Boy We Miss You Very Much We All Love You. I Miss You Everyday That Goes By You Are In My Prayers Every Night. Love Forever Mommy Daddy And Hershey
tonya kratzberg
Edwardsville, Kansas - Sat Dec 24 17:51:55 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Boy We Miss You Very Much I Know You Have Lots Of Friends Up There With You. I Miss You Every Day That Goes By You Will Always Be My Boy No Other Will Ever Replace You. We Love You Love Always Mommy , Daddy, Hershey
Tonya Kratzberg
Edwardsville, Kansas - Wed Nov 23 06:18:47 2011

My Lacy. It's been one month since we lost you, we miss you every day, and think of you, I miss your big eyes looking at me, I miss your big ears, Mom and I will never froget you and the Love you brought to us.
Curtis Dowdekk
Riverside, Missouri - Wed Oct 19 07:41:48 2011

Sweet Sierra, we will miss you and love you so much. You were a beautiful cat with your long white hair, one blue eye and one yellow. Everyone that ever met you thought you were a gorgeous kitty, but we loved you just for you. Say hello to Buddy & Cassie for us.
With love, mom, dad, Buster and Tiger
June 1994 - Sept. 24, 2011

Bob & Vicki Middaugh
Lee's Summit, Missouri - Tue Sep 27 07:36:46 2011

Can't Believe It's Been One Year Ago Today Since You Crossed The Rainbow Bridge We Miss You More And More Everyday We Love You Very Much And Think About You Everyday. Love Mommy Daddy And Hershey
Tonya Kratzberg
Edwardsville, Kansas - Fri Aug 26 07:03:56 2011

Hi My Sweet Boy There Is Not A Day That Goes By That We Don't Think About You And How Much We Miss And Love You So Much Can't Believe Its Almost Been A Year Since You Went To Heaven. I Have My Days Were I Do Nothin But Cry It Was So Very Hard And Very Sad To Let You Go.We Love You So Much Taz Love For Ever And Always Mommy Daddy And Hershey
Tonya Kratzberg
Edwardsville, Kansas - Sat Jul 30 17:59:10 2011

Dear Denver (D-Dog),
It was harder than I expected letting you go, but you are in a much better place now, with no more pain. I still come in the door expecting to hear your greeting, and everywhere I go there are reminders of you. You are missed and cannot be replaced.
Love, Mama

Kansas (KS) - Mon Jun 27 08:32:28 2011

Dear Pumpkin,

We just brought you home and everyone misses you so much. We love you with all our hearts. You were still young and went to fast. Its hard being here and you arent sitting at our feet putting your paw on ours or winking at me. We hope you are healthy again. Your girrls miss and love you and will be talking to You. Your there pumpkin angel watchover them and we will see you at the bridge someday.Sadie is lost without u.

With love your family
Daddy,Mommy, Kayla,Chey,Sadie,Witesoxs.

Kansas City, Mo - Fri Jun 3 19:10:56 2011

Fred, I am missing you terribly but know you are feeling much better. Opening the door and not having you to greet me keeps breaking my heart. I know time will ease the pain, but know that you will always be in my heart. I'll see you at the bridge when I get there. Love from momma
Kansas City, MO - Mon May 16 00:43:12 2011

Dear Tuffy,
It has only been a week since you left your family. It seems a lot longer because our house feels so empty. I miss coming home and hearing your bark. I miss you, and know you were very loved by your whole family. I do have some comfort knowing that you are no longer suffering and you are no longer blind and diabetic. When I meet you on the bridge someday you will be able to see again. Wait for mommy, someday we will meet on the bridge and see each other again. I love you.

Independence, MO - Tue Apr 12 21:37:18 2011

My Sadi Sue,

It has been one year and my heart still aches without my best friend. They tell me it gets better......painfully waiting. I want you to know that I miss and love you as if you had left yesterday. My life is slowly coming back around, but will NEVER be the same. You meant the world to me and I'm blessed to have spent 15 years with you. Until we reunite, I'll see you in my dreams. Thank you Chuck for turning your truck around and picking her up, so she didn't have to spend the weekend at the vet clinic. I hope you held true to your promise and let her ride up front with you! Thanks Rolling Acres. God Bless.

Michelle Smith
Merriam, Kansas - Fri Feb 25 17:41:38 2011

Dear everyone at Rolling Acres,
I just brought our Joey home today, his ashes nestled in the beautiful cedar chest with his name on it. I can't thank you all enough for the loving care you took in preserving his memory for us. The little braid of his hair and his pawprint card were unexpected but OH SO appreciated - you all are truly angels who understand so well what our furkids mean to us both in life and in death. He will live on in our hearts forever and I will look at that beautiful little box not with sorrow but with happy memories. I won't say R.I.P. dear Joey, instead I pray you are happy and healthy once again playing with your past brothers and sisters at the bridge until we can all meet again and cross over together. We love you our little clown prince,
Mommy, Amy, Idgie and Phoebe

Sharon Riley
Kansas City, MO - Tue Feb 22 16:59:37 2011

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Tue Feb 22 13:23:58 2011

Dearest Maggie Mae,
Still missing you after one year. Tucker is trying to fill your "paws" but is failing terribly. You were and still are my sweet-sweet Sheltie. I miss you. See you at the bridge!
Love, your momma
ps - your ornament looked pretty on the Christmas tree with Brandi's, Ruffy's, Beau's, Baby's and Sam's.

Glenda Maddick Staples
Kansas City, Missouri - Thu Jan 6 15:04:08 2011

Mommy and Daddy were very sad to see you go but very happy that you came to be with us and Kramer. Calvin misses you alot but I know you are in a better place where your talking to the birds you love.
We will see you soon little black devil
Love Mommy, Daddy, Kramer, and Calvin

Mommy and Daddy
Kansas City, Missouri - Mon Dec 27 09:24:14 2010

My Dear Bear,
There is not enough words,treats or hugs to THANK YOU for being my "Son" for 11 years.I dont know How I could have gotten through the past years with out you.You have taught me so much about unconditional love!! REST IN PEACE!!
P.S. Find Dominic and you two play as we did...But be gentle he is just a baby~..Momma..

Kathleen Hitchcock-Brackney
Kansas City , Mo - Sat Oct 16 08:15:56 2010

Taz we miss you so much not a day goes by that we dont think of you It was so hard and very sad to let you go.Iam glad that there is this special place for such a special boy like you Rolling Acres is very pretty. you would have loved to run around in the yard its big.You will always be our special little boy. We love and miss you everyday.Hershey really misses you to Taz.R.I.P.We love you. Mike Tonya and Hershey Kratzberg. AKA Mommy and Daddy
Mike and Tonya Kratzberg
Ewardsville, Kansas - Tue Sep 7 13:19:31 2010

I will miss my lovebug so much she was the light of my life she always took my shoes and put it with her blankets till I got home then she would greet me at the door with a open smile she was the best dog I had
karen novak
liberty missouri, missouri - Sun Jul 25 06:41:56 2010

Dear Duvall,
I remember when Richard brought you home, just one big fuzz ball with the biggest paws! Can we keep her Mom? No I said no puppies, as you were just 6 weeks old, oh the promises I'll train her and take care of her. Well of course you stayed and he did train you very well in fact! You were such a good girl,seen me through some rough times always at my side, my protector. Kept my feet warm as you sat on them or my lap warm when you sat on me at 95 lbs. you still thought you were a lap dog! You were quite the bed hog too. My heart is breaking that I had to let you go but I know you are in a better place now with no more pain. We all miss you especially Stella. Wait at the Rainbow Bridge and we will meet there one day!! Love you Baby!!

Joyce Ownby
Leavenworth, Kansas - Wed Jun 23 11:22:33 2010

Dear Nancy and all... It's been awhile, but I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful services you offer, as well as the caring yoi have for animals and their Masters. I had the Shitzu, "Pity-Pat" for 15 years, the Maltese, "Colonel Mortimer" for almost 10 years, and now the Shitzu, "Baby" which you have met, going on five years. Last time I was out, was for the services of my Father's 17 year old Cairn, "Carrie." My good friend Rick also has "Surveillance" buried in the cemetary, and we plan on visiting soon....Keep up the good work, and we'll see you soon, as I also have some purchases to make.

Stephen R. Barnhart
Grandview, Missouri - Fri Jun 4 18:26:26 2010

Dearest Archie,
Your love and gentle spirit will always be with us. We can still see your smile and running to be loved on, and will always miss your bark from the window when we got back home. You left us way too soon, and there are no words to express our sorrow. Your big white fluffy body had been through it is time to run again and play with all the doggies & kitties. Right now, you are at Rolling Acres and we will get you back in a few days..holding you again is going to feel so good..and until the day we join you remember to stay near the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy romping in the meadow. We love you so much..there will never be another "you" ~ precious boy, watch for us!

Bill Fletcher & Carol Sweeney
Kansas City, Mo - Fri May 28 14:46:04 2010

My Beloved Lola, I miss you so much. I am so glad you came into my life. My only regret is that we did not have more time. In the three short years we did have I am so glad I finally was able to get you to trust people. I was your 5th owner and you finally were able to settle down and learn to trust people. That was so important to me. I am sure the first few years of your life were not the best but I am glad I was able to make the last three good ones. You were my "Little Shadow" and followed me everywhere and my life seems very strange right now. Know that I loved you with all my heart. Until we meet on the Rainbow Bridge be a good girl and try not to bite anyone. Love you lots, Mommy
Donna Lane
Kearney, Mo - Tue May 25 07:54:50 2010

You were such a sweet girl!!!! The unconditional love you gave and the kisses you gave are missed so badly. Sammie is missing you terribly as well, you were such a good "Mommy" to her. We were blessed to have had you in our lives and the memories of you will always be cherished. Until we see you again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together we want you to run and play and always know that when you left us, you took pieces of our hearts with you and you left your paw prints in our hearts.
Love forever and ever to our Sophie Ann...........
Mommy and Daddy

Carol and Chris Younts
Kansas City, Missouri - Sat May 8 18:33:29 2010


Today would have been your 18th birthday. We lost you on December 16. The house has been so empty without you. We miss you very, very much and think of you often.

You had a wonderful life and you enriched our lives more than we ever express. Your purring was soothing and comforting. Your leg rubbing and lap sitting always brought us joy. Meet us at the Rainbow Bridge, little buddy.

We will love you forever.

Randy and Audrey Fuller
Kansas City, Missouri - Fri Mar 5 15:12:55 2010

K.C., you've left a paw print of love stamped on our hearts and will forever be remembered. We love and miss you!!
The Herrington Family
Kansas City, MO - Tue Feb 23 07:52:22 2010

Lexie -

Losing you has been so difficult and trying, but knowing you're in a good place and no longer in pain is source of comfort. We will miss and love you always!

Dan and Kathy

Dan and Kathy
Overland Park, Kansas - Wed Jan 27 17:25:57 2010

For Dammit, who chose us to live with. I still look for you and find you in my heart. I'll always remember the way you looked up at me when I rubbed your chin. Twenty one years was a long time. Miss you, buddy!
Mike Cienki
Cleveland, Missouri - Thu Jan 14 13:30:28 2010

In honorable memory of Dammit, one of my best friend's many cats. Judy, your loss is so great, yet my words feel so small.

Catnip and moonbeams,

Baltimore, Maryland - Wed Jan 13 17:31:21 2010

You left your Dad and I too soon and unexpectedly. We loved you very much and miss you constantly. Life is not the same without you, we miss you running to us with your dog bowl and I miss playing with you and your toy hamburger. I miss our "girly" time!! We knew it was best to let you sleep peacefully, you wouldn't suffer any longer. Bucky and Samantha miss also. You were the best dog and loved dearly...Rest peacefully my baby. Mom and Dad

Daisy "Doodles"
Kansas City, Kansas - Wed Jan 13 11:48:26 2010

Dearest Maggie Mae, I miss you so much around here - you were such a perfect companion to me for over 10 years. I keep looking in all the special spots you loved to lay and soak up the sun...but you are no longer there. You are now in my heart forever. Run fast after all those heavenly squirrels.....I will see you again one day my little sweet sweet. Love, your mama
Glenda Maddick Staples
Kansas City, Missouri - Sun Jan 10 23:15:11 2010

For 17 of your 21 years, you graced us with your presence in our family. You will take your final journey with us, in our home, tomorrow. I cannot put into words what you've meant to us You taught us more than you will know, and selflessly taught and helped raise many orphaned kittens.
Your wisdom will be terribly missed. Farewell, my dear one, on your next journey.
May the Meow be with you,
All of our love goes with you,
Forever, your human admireres, Judy and Mike.
In Memory of Dammit, 1989 to January 9,2010

Judy Cienki
Cleveland, Missouri - Fri Jan 8 21:16:45 2010

You have been the best dog ever. We couldn't bury you with all the snow around but we will visit you come spring time. We will keep our fond memories of you in our hearts. The Sparks

Sam Sparks
Overland Park , KS - Fri Jan 8 16:21:20 2010

Daisy, I wish that you could have been with us through Christmas. I think that you would have been so excited to discover and play in the snow.
I miss you Sissy. I love you.

Lee's Summit , Missouri - Tue Jan 5 13:47:06 2010

I remember the first time I got Nala, and she could fit in a little round laundry basket. My dog died in her sleep. I was heartbroken when I heard she had died. I just can't stop crying. I wish Nala could have hung on just one more day. I feel like I did not get a chance to say goodbye. I am going to have her cremated so she will always be near by me. I really am going to miss her. The last time I saw her was on November 29, 2009 she died on December 7, 2009. I got her in 1994 as a birthday present. I had a good 15 years with her. I know I will see her again someday.
- Tue Dec 8 16:54:22 2009

I miss you Allie Puppy.... I'll see you again someday! You were a wonderful companion and friend for over 15 years. I love you!!! Rest upon rolling acres now in the outside that you loved.
Michelle Coon
Kansas City, MO - Sun Dec 6 20:56:48 2009

Pepper, I write today with love in my heart to honor your life. A life that brought love and joy everyday we had you, and tears of sorrow with your passing. You were an immeasurable blessing in your dad’s life and his heart is breaking. He needed you as much as you needed him and together you shared perfect, unconditional love. Be patient through his pain, in time he will hear you assuring him you are OK and that you didn’t want to leave him, but you had to go. Help him to know your life was perfect, that you felt more love than you ever thought possible and you wouldn’t change a thing. We don’t understand why God chose to take you so young – we need to trust that it was his will to relieve you from a heavier burden later in life. Rest assured sweet puppy, you are loved beyond measure.

Pepper, thank you for showing me exuberant love every time I saw you, for walking me faster and farther than I would normally go, for teaching me there are more important things than clean hardwood floors, and squirrels really are entertaining.

We were blessed to have you in our lives and you will remain in our hearts forever. Pepper, you will always be my sweet baby girl. I love you – Grandma.

Roxanne Ruisinger
Independence, Missouri - Sat Nov 14 12:16:09 2009 may not have really been mine, but you were still my baby girl. I love you with all my heart and you brought lots of smiles, laughs, and special moments to my life. You made Chris happy and softened his heart, and for that I will always be truly grateful. You taught us about unconditional love and that life's too short to sweat the dog hair. Your life was too short and started out hard, but we hope that in the last several months we brought you just as much joy as you brought to us. You were one of a kind...I miss how you liked to eat my hair and lean on me. My little Puddin'...I will always love you and cherish the time I had with you. I know you're keeping all the squirrels in line in heaven even though you were a bird dog. I would ask for your forgiveness, but I know you've already given it for us not being able to do more to help you. The moments before your passing will always be in my heart...watching you run in the sand...kicking it up behind you. You will always have a very special place in my heart. All my love...your other human...Jen~
Jennifer Crim
Overland Park, KS - Fri Nov 13 16:41:07 2009

Hello Nancy and All. I used to make deliveries there, oh roughly 18 years ago. I remember delivering the marker for the police dog and former moviestar. It struck me then how much you guys loved animals and got sincerely involved in your customer's needs and their feelings of loss. You also had a rescued Greyhound if I recall, who loved my treats! God Bless you for all you do. I would like to encourage all who have lost a beloved pet to go right out and adopt another from a shelter. Mixed breed dogs have wonderful personalities too, and need homes now.
Best wishes,

Cathy Jones
Excelsior Springs, MO - Fri Nov 13 07:53:35 2009

My Pepper, I did not know how much I loved you until I lost you. I am so sorry, I pray I made you feel Loved more than you had ever been. In the short time we had together you gave me more joy than any human could understand and I will miss you always, a piece of me died with you yesterday. Rest easy my beautiful little puppy, God must have needed a new bird dog, Thy will not mine be done..Til we meet again, your bud, your human....your family. Love You Pep 11-08-09
Chris Thacker
Blue Springs, Missouri - Mon Nov 9 20:37:17 2009

molly you went to heaven on 10-08-09, I still miss you so very much, I think of you everyday its still hard to walk into the house with out you there mommy loves you and misses you. God bless all that has lost a family member.
kansas city, mo - Tue Nov 3 19:17:10 2009

Jinx. You did a great job. I hope we did too.
You will be missed.
We will see you again and Ill bring the cheese.
Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad
Kansas City, Missouri - Fri Oct 16 08:28:11 2009

I just want to say thank you for taking care of my molly, she died on 10-08-09, I will miss her I had her for 15 wonderful years she was my best friend and companion, I can never replace her, I will see her again just over the rainbow bridge. I will love you forever, love your mom vicki.
kansas city, mo - Wed Oct 14 14:46:36 2009

molly, I will miss you, I loved you so very much, you were the best, I can never replace you, I will see you again over the rainbow bridge. love you mom

kansas city, mo jackson - Wed Oct 14 14:38:02 2009

We lost our beloved Wolfar Sept. 18, 2009 He was the best dog we ever had. Your Buddies miss you som much and Mommy and Daddy miss you too. We will see each other again some day when were all in Haven. God will be with you now and take care of you. Love, Mommy and Daddy
Denise Hendley
Edwardsville, Ks. - Sat Oct 10 15:48:13 2009

Yesterday 10-05 09, I lost my best friend Rowdy my pomeranian. I will never forget his gentle personality. He loved so many things in this life. I will miss him forever. I can't wait to be with him again. I loved him so much, nothing can ever fill the empty spot he has left in my heart. Rowdy, I will never forget the love and joy you gave me. God will take care of you now along with Mom, Dad, Makayla, Cindy and Barb. I love you boy.
susan higgins
raymore, mo - Tue Oct 6 08:21:07 2009

It's only been 3 hrs. now since our beloved 12yr. old German Shephard, Gretal, left us. I can't stop crying yet as I miss you so much Gretal baby. Your other pet sisters and brothers miss you terribly too. But we know you are completely out of pain now, and running your legs off up in Heaven. We will never, ever forget you sweetie. You were the best dog we could have ever dreamed of having. Not a mean, bad bone in your body. Just full of love and devotion. Rest in peace Gretal. Love, Mommie
Kathy,Mike,Chris,Kelly Rule & Kari and Robbie Hawes
Kansas City, MO - Thu Sep 17 18:40:07 2009

Rolling Acres is a beautiful place. Thank you for having a great place for special members of families. It is reasurring to know that our beloved dog is so close to home that we can come and spend time with her as much as we want.

Thanks again,
Lindi & Chris Dowell

Lindi & Chris Dowell
Kansas City, MO - Sat Sep 12 21:22:36 2009

Callahan & Shaq, I can't believe God wanted both of you so quickly! We miss you both so much! However, I know God now has the best Golden Retriever Paperboy, Callahan and also has the warmest lap, Shaq! I'll see you soon boys! Love you forever! Love, Momma
Brenda Sinks
Overland Park, Kansas - Tue Sep 8 13:39:27 2009

Thank You, Shelby, for 15 years of love and companionship. I miss you so much. You were a wonderful friend, and you taught me much. I truly hope to see you again one day. All My Love,

Kansas City, Missouri USA - Fri Mar 27 20:00:45 2009

Dearest Andre,
The quiet nights are engraved in my memory. Thank you for letting me cry on you and hug you until I felt better. I'm so sorry we couldn't help you. It was all so sudden and I believe your life will be a lesson learned. Take care of papa for us he needs your peaceful purr.
Love always and forever,
Mom, Dad, Jocelyn, Annalise, Nina-pie and Moog
PS Nina really loves you she has searched high and low and is waiting at the door. I will take care of her for you.
Until we meet again, xoxo farewell my quiet love.

Vanessa Villanueva
Independence, Missouri USA - Fri Mar 27 01:32:24 2009

Our sweet Joey. We were there for your birth and were blessed to give you back to God. Our hearts are breaking because we loved you so much. Thank you for making our lives so much better, my handsome Roo-Man. All our love - Mom and Dad.
Alan and Debra Miglionico
Olathe , KS USA - Mon Feb 9 13:40:42 2009

I lost my "daughter in fur" on December 8, 2008 unexpectedly due to kidney failure. Her name was Sunny (Sunshine Wigglebutt Teufel). She was the last puppy born of a litter of 8 by my other beloved girl Critter. Sunny was the runt of the litter and I bottle-fed her & she ended up being the one pup that we kept from the litter. She was 12 1/2 years old when she became ill & within a week we were faced with having to have her put to sleep. I have lost 3 other pets (one just 2 weeks prior to Sunny)of which all are also at Rolling Acres, and numerous people in my life, but none have been as heart-breaking as losing my "Sunny Girl". We still have her mother Critter, who misses her also. With all of my dogs (Shena, Tres & Sunny) I could not afford to have anything "special" done, so the vet offered me the option of cremation with the condition of their ashes being taken to Rolling Acres and scattered to the gardens. Thank you to all of you at Rolling Acres for the services and Oasis you offer to our beloved children in fur! Sincerely, Mic & Jon Teufel
Michele Teufel
Kansas City, Kansas USA - Tue Feb 3 14:09:11 2009

Rascal, I loved you and will always miss your welcome as I enter my home. I rescued you nearly 8 years ago and have enjoyed your companionship each day of your short life. Your devotion to me showed as you passed on by trying to hang on because you knew I loved you and would miss you. You hold a special place in my heart and always will. Thank you for being such a loving and devoted companion. Good bye for now my friend.
Kansas City, MO USA - Sun Jan 25 06:49:52 2009

I just lost my 20 year old grey tuxedo boy, my beloved Tobey Joe Donnici. He was preceded in death by his brother, my little torty colored/crooked tail Riley Joe Donnici. As heartbreaking as their losses have been, the comfort they gave me and the love that continues to shine thru from me because of them is immeasurable.

I look forward to being able to afford to inter them together at Rolling Hills in the near future. Simple, tasteful and dignified, as they were. I was very blessed.


Michael Donnici
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Mon Jan 5 17:23:56 2009

In loving Memory To Chewlo Aquino
god watched you as you suffered he than knew you had your share of pain he gently closed your weary eyes than he took you is care god has you in his keeping we have you in our hearts your memory is our keep sake with that well never part chew-lo daddy,mom,and your brother Skippy love you very much we know that your are in good hands with god.

PS one day we will all be togther again.

Fred & Cathey Aquino
Kansas City , Kansas USA - Tue Dec 2 22:35:40 2008

Our beloved Peeper, our hearts are broken today over your passing 11/24/2008. You graced our lives for 12 1/2 years, you were a loving and loyal part of our family, we will so miss having you here to greet us when we come home, our walks, and all the happy times we shared with you! You will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss you! Mom,Dad,Andrew,Heather,Kevin, Kaydence and Mason
Richard and Robin Stephens
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Mon Nov 24 16:26:20 2008

Max, we are all so lonely without you. We were not prepared for your passing and we wish so much for more time with you. It could never be enough - you were our silent giant, always giving so much love to us all. Your brother and sisters miss you terribly, especially Dipsy. I hope you know how much we've loved you all these years and that we will ALWAYS love you. Nicholas misses watching TV with you and having you by him in the mornings when he wakes up. Thank you for all the wonderful years and memories - we will NEVER forget you.

Kansas City, MO USA - Sat Nov 22 23:08:48 2008

Good Bye my friend, I will never forget you Michael. I will always love you most.
Shawnee, KS USA - Wed Nov 19 21:35:40 2008

To my forever special angel. I miss you so much everyday. You brought so much happiness to my life. I's been awhile since you have been gone but theres not a day that goes by i dont miss you!!I love you! MOM
missouri USA - Wed Nov 5 23:47:13 2008

He was such a cat
Thumper's gone today alas
I will miss him so

Vernon Bender
Snowflake, Arizona USA - Thu Oct 30 18:32:03 2008

To My Beautiful Boy Poco:
I love you so much and will miss you terribly. You were always there for me - no matter what - waiting and happy! My heart is broken and to have to say goodbye hurts so much. Life will not be the same without you. Your precious memory will forever live in my heart. Rest in peace baby!

Raye LaViolet
Kansas City, MO USA - Mon Oct 27 16:23:32 2008

To my wonderful dog Felicia......I love you so much and will always miss you. There is a permanent place in my heart for you. I will miss hearing you snore at night by my bedside and watching TV....barking and waiting for me to come home from work. Just seeing how happy you were being my dog. Even though you were 12 1/2 years old you still acted like a puppy when you saw me.....RIP my baby Felicia Marie Hodges.
Lisa Hodges
Parkville, MO USA - Fri Oct 24 10:19:40 2008

To our Beloved Hershey who gave us so much enjoyment. We love and miss her deeply.
Grammy and Papa
Salina, KS USA - Mon Oct 20 20:40:38 2008

We want to thank you for creating such a beautiful place for our beloved Hershey to be a part of in her afterlife as her spirit lives on with us forever.
Don & Gina Jaeger
Blue Springs, MO USA - Sun Oct 19 22:11:50 2008

Zeana, our princess, we loved you all your life. Our hearts are heavy with grief in your passing today (10/12/2008). We know you're better off now but we wish you would have lived forever. We know that's not possible, but you WILL live forever in our hearts. Please forgive us for not being able to help you. We couldn't do it. We're sorry if you suffered because of our cowardness and selfishness. You DID have a good life princess. Thank you for spending it with us. We love you.
Fred & Kevin
Kansas City, MO USA - Mon Oct 13 01:55:52 2008

Lily, My special Kitty I forgot to say a few things, Missy sure does Miss you waiting for your treats because you were always the first one there waiting : ) Sarah Miss you also she looks for you every night when we go to bed you know how she loved to tease you. Again We Miss you and Love you dearly.
Marcella Vega
Kansas City , Missouri USA - Sat Oct 11 09:57:04 2008

Lily, My special Kitty, we are never sure why things happen the way they do its strange how life can take a turn in your life so quick one day your fine and the next day you are not feeling well , we had 7 wonderful years together and I know you are feeling better now because your are in no pain. We love and will miss you! And will see you later.
Vega, Kansas City Missouri USA - Sat Oct 11 09:49:52 2008

My beloved Meg, I cannot believe your journey across the Rainbow Bridge came within two weeks of Hildy's. I know that you missed her and I now I am left with the pain of losing you both. It gives me great comfort to know that Hildy, Sammy and Lexi were all at the bridge to greet you. Take care of each other and know that Mommy loves and misses you all. We will be together again and will have "Treat Parties" just like we did here. Until then be a good girl and I love and miss you dreadfully. XOXO
Donna Lane
Kearney, MO USA - Sat Oct 4 22:37:45 2008

My beloved Hildy, You have only been gone a day but my heart aches at your lose. I knew when I adopted you our time together would be short since you were already a senior. I remember the day I picked you up from your foster home in Tulsa how happy I was and I could tell you were happy too. I think we needed each other and I probably needed you a bit more. It was such a joy to have you in my life for the past two years. You brought me lots of love and laughs. I hope Sammy and Lexi were at the Rainbow Bridge to meet you and that the three of you are all having fun together. I love you Hildy and I miss you! Dolly, Lola, Meg and KC miss you too. P.S. Meg misses you most.
Donna Lane
Kearney, MO USA - Tue Sep 23 18:13:36 2008

We rather unexpectedly lost our beloved Munchie in August. The staff at Rolling Acres was so warm and receptive to our needs, and we felt that this was a place where our grief and tremendous sense of loss was truly understood. We cannot express enough how much the care taken meant to us and helped give us some sense of closure. We recommend their services to anyone who knows that a pet is a member of the family forever.
Angela & Doug
Platte City, MO USA - Mon Sep 15 19:24:24 2008

Tonight we lost our beloved dog and baby Scully. We will miss her tremendously. We know that her remains will be taken care of in a very beautiful cemetary. We will visit her often and she will never be forgotten.
Shannon and Shana Huffman-Segat
Kansas City, MO USA - Sat Sep 13 00:09:52 2008

We lost our beloved Sable on Friday, August 29, 2008. We are thankful for the 15 wonderful years we spent together. Riley and Wagner miss you and will someday see you again. You will remain forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace Baby Girl.
Doug & Lori
Independence, MO USA - Tue Sep 2 14:16:03 2008

We lost our best friend (Golden Retriever) last Tuesday July 29th to Lymphoma.
We love you Maximus. We will never forget you.

Deanne Pickett
Olathe, KS USA - Tue Aug 5 13:45:06 2008

We lost Wrigley on Saturday, July 12th. He was a great dog. Wrigley--please know how much we loved you with all of our heart and miss you dearly. In the short time you lived with us you brought so much joy. But we know you are happier now in heaven. You will forever be our little "snaggletooth". Miss you!
Ashley Betts
Lenexa, KS USA - Wed Jul 16 20:20:12 2008

SCHROEDER was a big beautiful, gentle Golden Retriever who passed away May27th 2008. We had him for 14 yrs., but he will live forever in our hearts. Rest easy, old friend. We'll go for walks again someday, I promise.
USA - Wed May 28 18:49:24 2008

Linda Surber
Leavenworth, Kansas USA - Fri May 16 19:57:20 2008

I will be needing your services this week. I want to call to make arrangements, but I cannot get myself composed enough to speak. My heart breaks more than words can describe of the intense pain I feel. A part of me will die with him. Little Sonny Boy Delight, his registered name. (yellow lab)
carrie jones
overland park, kansas USA - Mon May 12 16:19:15 2008

hi Henri, i miss u tons, i'm sorry i didn't do a better job with you. I love you, you are my little booger. I'll think about you all the time. Bye lovebug.
Kansas City, MO USA - Wed May 7 22:38:42 2008

WE lost our Sophie dog on April 5th. Sophie was our 17year old lab. She was truly our SUPER DAWG.

We love you and miss you terriably Sophie. Say hi to Tiff and Bitsy for us...we'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge!


Jeanette, Mel and Meg
Shawnee, KS USA - Wed Apr 16 10:11:46 2008

Being from out of town when my pet died unexpectedly, I was most grateful to find the helpful staff at Rolling Acres. My furbaby was well taken care of. I miss you so, my child, my Boy. I will always love you. I know your spirit is still with me.
Knoxville, IA USA - Wed Apr 9 13:52:54 2008

Benjamin, my lab-boarder collie mix, was my soul mate and best friend, and I was devastated when he unexpectedly died on Feb 25th at the age of 11. In addition to the sensitive care provided to me by VSEC in OP, KS I found Rolling Acres to be very helpful and caring in support of my decision to have him cremated, ...along with his frisbee, ball, bandana, blanket, favorite cookies, altoid mints, and his piggy! My "little boy" will always be missed
Kansas City, MO USA - Fri Mar 14 18:21:34 2008

thank you so very much helping me with my beloved ralph
connie parker
kansas city, mo USA - Sat Mar 8 16:43:29 2008

Blue was the best friend anyone could have. He had a rough start, thankfully spent most of his years living the spoiled life. He was goofy, doofy and silly and he was the sweetest boy anyone could have. He was my 100 lb snuggle pup. He was always there, attached at my hip 24/7...always there to send me off when I went to work and always there to greet me when I came home. He loved all the humans in his life, loved to give us kisses, and never met a dog he didn't like. He was a handsome fella and was always so gentlemanly with this his "white-gloved" paws. My best friend, I will miss you...Ma Rose, Dewain and Louise are up there taking care of you for me....

Kara Cantrell
KANSAS CITY, MO USA - Sat Mar 8 12:25:33 2008

My husband and I lost our beloved Duke on March 4, 2008. He was the first being we have ever seen actually die. We will miss him so much. I don't know if it will ever be the same to love another animal as much as I love him and always will. Duke, I know your waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and one day I will be there to see you again and let you sit in my lap again. You can also sit with daddy all day long like you used to.
Stacy Davis
Lansing, KS USA - Thu Mar 6 12:17:24 2008

There’s a hole in his heart where you used to be.
No words of condolence or kind sympathies
Can quiet the storm that your dad feels at his core,
Knowing his Cosby won’t be here anymore.

Friends say they’re sorry, intentions are true.
They can’t understand what your dad is going through:
Grief’s his companion since he is without you
His soul’s filled with sorrow and he walks around blue.

But there’s comfort in knowing his beloved pet waits,
You’ve crossed Rainbow Bridge and entered the gate
Where all of God’s creatures who’ve passed from the Earth
Are happy and healthy,
A blessed rebirth.

So thank you dear Cosby for your friendship so true
When others deserted, your dad could always count on you.
He’ll carry your memory forever inside
And patiently wait
‘Till you’re back at his side.

In Loving Memory of

Independence, Mo USA - Tue Mar 4 16:43:42 2008

I will love you always, my sweet little Bear. I know your spirit is still with me. My heartfelt thanks to the staff at Rolling Acres, because they know you were truly a member of my family.
Parkville, MO USA - Tue Mar 4 11:30:49 2008

We lost Dallas just last week. We only had him for a year, but it was wonderful. He was loyal to us all, especially his boy William. That was the hardest part, telling him that his "Dally Boy" went to heaven. My heart truly aches for him. There are no words I can use to make my son feel better. They say time heals all...I hope so.
I would like to thank the staff at Rolling Acres, for handing him with such dignity.....Thank You
Lisa Lutz and Family

Lisa Lutz
Leavenworth, kansas USA - Fri Aug 24 00:28:42 2007

It was just to sudden for us to have lost you Otto. We only had four wonderful years with you and I would not trade them for the world. We all miss you and wish we could have you back. Duke, Harley, and Demitri are looking for you and don't understand where you have gone. Our foursome is now lost without the fourth musketeer. I know you are resting in God's hands and we will be comforted by that. We love you and miss you dearly tator tot, rest in peace my dear boy. Nov 17, 2002- August 9, 2007

Love, Mom, Dad,Brandon, Kaitlin, Hannah, Joseph, Duke, Harley, and Demetri

The Farnham Family
Gardner, Kansas USA - Fri Aug 10 14:40:12 2007

you are missed by all, Mars is having a rough go trying to take over where your paw prints left off. She's trying to comfort daddy! Sasha keeps looking for you and so does Lilly. Wayne, Daddy and I miss you so much and want you to know you will always be in our thoughts and hearts. We love you buddy. You were taken from us too soon. But we know you are on the Rainbow Bridge waiting for each of us to show up. I will be looking for you when I get there. Remember be nice to Junior or tell Junior to be nice to you! Love, Mommy!

Amy Lang
Kansas City, MO USA - Fri Aug 3 20:16:37 2007

Thank you for being so kind in helping me with my decisions for my beloved friend Sam the cat! I miss him so much. I appreciate the fact that you all are there to help people like me in our time of need.
Amy Lang
Kansas City, MO USA - Fri Aug 3 20:13:06 2007

My little cat, Sophie went to kitty heaven 2 weeks ago. She was shy, but sweet. Well, I take that back, she ran the house! She was the boss, applesauce! Her brother Sammie and us miss her so much. He keeps looking all over for her. I know she's up there chasing butterflies and bunnies. We love you, Sophie!
Miriam Shaw
Olathe, KS USA - Fri Aug 3 16:23:00 2007

A lot of people say animals just cease to exist when they die. I do not believe that. I believe that God is a loving God and would not give us these beings we love so very much and not love and care for them as well in the end. I believe He protects the innocent. I know my sweet Curry (Curr-Curr) is in His loving care now. I know she has joined her "siblings" there as well. I will miss my kitty that I loved for the last 18 years. She was the best ever!!
She will greet me again someday.

Kansas City, Mo USA - Mon Jul 23 00:14:47 2007

Boomer was the best dog in the world and I miss him so much. It was one week ago today that he passed away, one week short of his 14th birthday. He loved his treats so much and would make you crazy at night if he did not get one (or two) The house seems so empty without you, I miss having you beside me when I work in the yard.
I would like to thank everyone at Pioneer Animial hospital for everything they did to try and save him.
Your sisters and brother miss you.
I told you everyday you were my favorite and you still are.
miss you
Mom and dad
Sissy, Maddie and Rascal

Brenda Pike
Fort Leavenworth, KS USA - Thu Jun 28 23:06:37 2007

Six months ago you made your journey home. You were born with your little legs crippled so you could never run and play like all your little friends. Now you can run and jump and I bet they can't keep up with you. We love you baby girl. You were always there for us and we know it was hard for you to let go but you are the brighest star in the sky now. We love you forever Peachie and wait for the day we will all be together again.

Mom and Daddy and All Your Family

Mary Geer
Parkville, Missouri USA - Tue Jun 26 11:58:03 2007


Mamma, Daddy, Scrapper, Tango, Quincy, Zorro, Snoggerella, and Baxter

INDEPENDENCE, MO USA - Sun Jun 24 14:42:52 2007

We would like to thank, Everyone at the Veterinary center of Liberty, especially Drs. Andrea Grow and Davinne Law. You took such good care of our Maverick. You cried with us, when our boy left us. We miss our boy, but he is running free and once again a Maverick!!
Martha & Alan White
Liberty, Mo. USA - Fri Jun 22 21:47:03 2007

Oh Maverick,we miss you, so much. You left us, so suddenly.However, we know you are at peace, and no longer blind, or need insulin. Daddy and I will always love you. Rest in peace our sweet boy!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Candigirl, and Oliver

Liberty, Mo. USA - Fri Jun 22 21:38:13 2007

Losing you has put a huge hole in my heart. I miss you more than words and tears can express. I am truly thankful for the 16 years we had together. The day I picked you from the animal shelter I knew that you were, and would always be, my baby girl. Your subtle meow, and your motor boat purring always let me know that you were happy and contenet. Donnie, Zach, Austin, Gizmo & Liana miss you too. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Always remember that one day we will both cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
We love and miss you!
Mommy, Daddy, Zach, Austin, Gizmo & Liana

Lisa Pfeiffer
Olathe, Kansas USA - Wed Jun 13 09:04:30 2007


I will never be without you, for you have been with me from the beginning of your life. Be at peace, my precious one. I love you and will always love you, for no one could provide the companionship that you have given me. Run with your friends and lick their faces and always have that beautiful smile you carried with you! All my love.

Michelle Hill
Leawood, KS USA - Fri Jun 8 19:50:23 2007

We miss you so much and Chase is so lonely without you here! I know you're not suffering anymore but nothing could ever replace you. You were the best friend anyone could ask for. We have your ashes now but we still don't have you. I pray you're not alone and just know we're always thinking of you and will never forget you. Thanks for always being there for all of us and we love you so much!!!

Rest in Peace,
Dad, Mom, Nick, Kristin, Erik & Chase

Kristin Alvarado
Olathe, KS USA - Tue May 22 20:57:08 2007

Sugar, I miss you so much its hard to go thru each day not having you with us. I know you are with your brothers Rhoady, Max and Ranger now. I have your ashes but I dont have you. Thats the hardest part. Sugar was a Vizsla I bought her from Wayside Waifs 15 years ago, we lost her on the 17th of March 2007 she was the best friend any one could ask for. I have actually herd you breathe and I herd you walk in the house, now Just let me see you. Sugar was born on halloween and she would of been 16 this year. I put my Rhodesian down the 18th of Jan. this year. Its pretty empty here at home. I want to thank Rolling Acres and My Vet the Knappenbergers.Sugar had a great attitude she had addisons disease and Tom and the crew did all they could for her she was really ready to go at the end.Thanks Cindy, Olathe
Cindy Davison
Olathe, Kansas USA - Wed Mar 28 18:49:49 2007

My beloved Maxwell Patchouli a 10 1/2 year old English Mastiff passed away yesterday. I am at a great loss without my best friend and yet I know he is finally at peace.

From the time Max came into my life at 8 weeks old until the day he passed he was loving member of my family. When I came home he would greet me standing on his hind legs, place his front paws on my shoulder and lay his head on my neck. He would share the bed and when I awoke he'd be right there spooned next to me with his head on the pillow.

Maxxie you will be missed. Thank you for all the joy you brought me and to everyone that you met along the way.

Prairie Village, Kansas USA - Sat Feb 17 16:55:02 2007

two weeks ago my daughter lost her "baby bentley jamison" and i my granddog, he was a three year old dogue de bordeaux whom we loved more than we ever thought possible. he was being treated for pneumonia when in actuallity he had dilating cardiomyopathy and we lost him during a trip to vsec in overland park. it was totally unexpected, we never thought we would go for a consultation and loose our baby on the table. our lives our emptier because of it and his two girls miss him also. may we see our boo bear again, he will always be with us.
peggy kretzer
leavenworth, kANSAS USA - Thu Feb 15 16:30:33 2007

-My Maisy-
In my arms I feel you grow cold.
Your eyes now all black showing no more gold.
In my mind I feel I'm to blame.
Your body unable to fight this disease with a name.
In my heart I know you were ready.
Your thoughts of me and my life to be steady.
...You are forever in my heart and soul...

DeSoto, KS USA - Mon Feb 12 00:08:25 2007

Dear Nancy, Suzette and staff: Thank you so much for your kindness and help during these last two months. It is so very hard to lose family members like Katy and Madison but the services you provide, and the kindness with which you provide them, make this difficult time a little easier to endure. Thank you.
Edward Moore
Raytown, MO USA - Fri Feb 9 21:20:38 2007

Hey folks at Rolling Acres. I have just lost my little dachshund wiener dog do to animal abuse done by the people where i was staying at. When I heard the news I first thought about you all because you have cremated one dog before and you did an awsome job. So as soon as court gets done and over with then I shall bring Bubba down.
Dustin Boatright
Weston, Missouri USA - Fri Feb 2 15:06:21 2007

Justin, Sugar and I went to visit you for the first time today Rhoady I know you are truly free now. Rhoady is a Ridgeback/Mastiff mix we rescued from the the pound here in town. We truly have been lucky to of had you in our family.For such a big boy at 140 pounds all muscle and an attitude you were really a mamas boy at heart you looked in my eyes and we understood each other. You are with your shepard brothers now and Free to run.I felt at peace seeing and knowing you are happy and not in pain. Thanks Rolling Acres for a place for my big boy to play. Rhoady 2/7/97-1/18/07
Cindy Davison
Olathe, Kansas USA - Sat Jan 27 16:52:29 2007

In loving memory of Nikki. You will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss you very much.
Olathe, KS USA - Mon Jan 1 18:52:08 2007

My beloved Sammy, thank you for being my furry son for the last 17 years. I cannot believe I have lost both you and Lexi both within six months. My heart aches at your lose. I do find comfort in knowing Lexi was at the bridge to greet you. I know you missed her as much as I did. Please take care of each other until we are all together again. You were the best son a Mommy could ask for. I will always remember taking you camping in Colorado and you chasing those chipmunks. I love you Sammy and miss you dreadfully. You will always be "Boo Boo, The Canyon Dog". Hugs and kisses. Mom
Donna Lane
Kearney, MO USA - Sun Dec 17 00:15:53 2006

On Dec. 8th my cat of 22 years died in my arms,and went to be with her other playmates. Giz, I remember when I brought you home you fit in the palm of may hand,and never left my side. You were a wonderful companion for me. I will miss you dearly and will nver forget the times that we shared. I can still hear you in the mornings when it is time to feed you. I love and miss you!
gary abel
mission, ks USA - Mon Dec 11 09:20:25 2006

In memory of my Gizzy
gary abel
mission, ks USA - Mon Dec 11 09:16:52 2006

My wonderful Lefty, 16 1/2 years just wasn't enough. I still see you and hear you around the house. I miss your purr and your headbutts so much. We went through alot together and you were always there for me and I hope I was for you. You were such a good cat and now you have reached your final reward.
Love forever and ever,

Kansas City, Missouri USA - Mon Nov 20 18:47:09 2006

Tori Rose, I'm sorry you had to suffer today. I'm really going to miss you. You are better off and you can breath now little girl. No more insulin shots. I know your with you sister Chloe' tell her I love her! I love both of you!
You always be my little stinky girl! Miss you!

LaDonna Burnes
Saint Joseph, Missouri USA - Sat Oct 21 22:45:42 2006

Maggie (5/5/99-10/18/06) We miss you so much! We love you Maggie Moo! Love, Mom, Dad and the boys
Shawnee, Kansas USA - Fri Oct 20 17:40:13 2006


My baby were nothing short of wonderful. You were so clever, so smart, and always made us laugh. You would sit with me when I was sick, watch us drive away from you favorite window, and always run up to greet us at the door. Radja you are always missed and constantly thought of. Always remember that and continue to smile down on us. I hope you are Grandpa are getting along great, but who wouldn't love you as soon as they met you? May you remain comfortable; without pain and suffering.
We will always love and think of you.

Forever love,
Dad, Mom, Yoolya, Grandma and Grandpa

Overland Park, KS USA - Wed Oct 18 19:54:36 2006

Gizmo Eugene Miller 2/96-10/9/06
Little Gizzy...The hardest thing I ever done was send you on to Grandma in Heaven. But I know you are now healthy again and are no longer blind. You were the sweetest most loving boy any parents could want. Be good until we get there. We Love You!!

Marsha Millet
Gladstne, MO USA - Mon Oct 16 18:44:17 2006

Aust. Shepherd

Dear Wyatt,
I miss you so much and am so sorry for the decision I made. I know it was for the best but that does not make it any easier. I love you so much and I miss you dearly. Your presence is every where I look. I am still finding your hair around the house, favorite toys in the toy box, dishes in the closet and collar in the drawer. Your were such a happy and loving dog. No matter how sad I felt, you could always put a smile on my face by just "smiling" at me. I just want you to know you will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart.

I love you and miss you every day!

Rest in Peace,
Jami, Sean, Lane and "Doc"

Odessa, MO USA - Wed Oct 11 13:32:18 2006

Kassy, our beloved miniature-schnauzer

It's been only a few weeks, and we know you are at peace and in a better place, we miss you so much. Time goes on but you will always be in our thoughts and hearts and some day we'll all be together again. We love you. Ken, Richard and Alexis

Ken, Richard and Alexis
Gladstone, Missouri USA - Mon Oct 2 11:01:01 2006

Chelsea Nicole
5/2/89-1/14/05 Lhasapekapoo

My Dearest Chelsea,

You were my first dog I owned on my own. I love you so very much. You were there for me through many events, bad and good. I took you with me everywhere I could. We did many Dog-N-Jogs. You loved going on walks and when you got older and could not walk as far or as well, you rode in the stroller I bought for you. You loved to go for car rides. I was your third owner. I am not sure why your last family gave you to Animal Haven, but I am very thankful they did. They did it at the perfect time as I was just starting to look for a pet. When I went to adopt you I simply paid the adoption cost. They asked if I wanted to see you first. I went back to see you and you looked so sad and scared in the little home you were in. I knew you were mine before I even seeing you. As you grew older I often wondered how I would know it was time. Well, you told me. A friend took me down to Spring Hill Vet clinic where your vet Dr. Cindy Taylor was. You were wrapped in your purple blanket you loved. You peacefully sliped out of this world to a new world where you are now. You passed away in my arms. You chose to do that as your little body was worn out and you were in the arms of the one you loved and who loved you. I know you are my guardian angel now, looking out for me and your baby sister Sadie.

I will always love you and miss you. I think of you every day.


Your Mom

Martha Hucke
Overland Park, KS USA - Sun Sep 24 16:33:02 2006


You filled our hearts with so much love that words cannot express. We miss you so very much and you will always be in our hearts. We love you Kassy.

Sept 21, 1995 - Sept 21, 2006

Richard, Ken and Alexis
Gladstone, MO USA - Fri Sep 22 22:13:35 2006

We love you and miss you dearly. Please know we think about you all the time:) You meant everything to us. We have alot of memories with you. We miss your purr and friendly welcome when we would come home. And I miss holding you when I came to visit Mom & Dad. Grandma misses you dearly and so does Grandpa you were always folling them around if not to check on them but to keep them company. And greeting them when they would get up in the morning. You were our pride and joy. We will see you at Rainbow Bridge someday soon. The bond I had with you meant so much to me, somedays it is hard, and I think you would not want us to be sad for you are at Rainbow Bridge where you wait for us to go home some day together. We love you and you will always remain close in our hearts. You brought all of us so much joy in life. Can't wait to be with you again:) Until we meet again may God keep you safe.
With Love
Mom & Dad Grandpa & Grandma, your sister & brother

KC, MO USA - Mon Sep 18 04:12:04 2006

One week ago today I made one of the toughest decisions I have had to make. My beloved Lexi a 12 1/2 yr cocker spaniel crossed over to a better place. She had been with me since she was 7 weeks old and was always there for me,through the good and bad. I miss her terribly and cannot put the ache into words, but I know after the last few weeks of her life she is in a much better place. Even though I have the void of her physically gone I will always have the memories to cherish. She was a special little "girl". I love and miss you Lexi.
Kansas USA - Sun Aug 6 17:40:29 2006

Yesturday Augest 1st 2006 my nine month old puppy killed her self on her lead chain and choker colloar. i know shes only nine months and her life was so short her birthday is octber 9th and i miss her already so much. this is my first pet that died and was special to me. she was a christmas present to me from my boyfriend and hes not doing to well either. we miss her alot and want her back. but we cant. Please pray for us as we morn and miss her
thanks adrienne and chris

Adrienne Pickens
Grandview, Mo USA - Wed Aug 2 10:01:52 2006

Yesterday our "first" son Spike, a black 14 y.o. pomeranian, passed. It was the hardest decision I have ever made to allow him to cross-over. Call it selfishness, but I wanted him to get better, though I knew he wouldn't. From the time he was 6 weeks old, he has been by my side; through relationships; a divorce; job changes...everything. "Poodle" (as I called him) was my rock in sorts..always there. His body is to be taken to Rolling Acres for cremation at which time he'll come back home. This the first day after him leaving us and all of us are devastated, but I know he's in a much better place w/out pain. I love you Poodle...see you one day, daddy.
Shane Steely
Leawood, KS USA - Mon Jul 31 13:54:32 2006

My beloved Lexi, Thank you for being my fury daughter over the last 13 1/2 years. You brought me more joy than any person could ever have. You had 9 surgeries in your short life, most of them were for cancer and you survived each time. But I knew this last time you would not survive because it had taken over so many of your organs. I miss you dreadfully. But remember what I told you right before Dr. Freeman put you out of your pain, watch for me to cross the rainbow bridge and then we can be together again forever. Sammy misses you to he whines and cries and looks all over for you and is very frustrated that he cannot find you. But we will be together again someday and that will be the happiest day of Mommy's life
Donna Lane
Kearney, MO USA - Sun Jul 2 14:25:23 2006

In loving memory of our dearest Mollie. You made it through medical school with mom and I. You made the big move from Texas with Honey at your side. You even warmed up to the baby and became his friend. We will all miss you Mol-Mol. I have your rope and I will always remember the wonderful games of fetch we played. I hope that you do not cause too many problems in Heavan and that there are plenty of Milk Bones for you. We love you Chiweenee from Dad, Mom, Timothy, and Honey.
Chad McCormick
Shawnee, KS USA - Sat Jul 1 18:52:43 2006

"Lance" Raptor Surber....Lance...You will be terribly Missed as It's been over 7 yrs we have had you as a Member of our Family! John hasn't slept well (up 31 hrs)& I am trying to cope with your absence(6-24-06)...seems all I know is your Pain & Suffering has now Ended...The Memories we have to Share since you entered our lives are so Tender & Precious! Please know we Loved You dearly & will Miss the Ice Cream trips we took,Sharing 1/2 my plate w/you,Bath times, Rides in mommys car,The New toys John would buy you w/ his allowance $, You were my Body Guard & QUITE TERRITORIAL OF YOUR HOME!! We will be @ Rolling Acres Visiting with a Special Peace in our Hearts Knowing your at Rest & at Peace from your Illness!May God Welcome you into his loving arms & keep you safe till we meet again...WE LOVE YOU & WILL VISIT YOU OFTEN, Linda & John Surber
Linda Lee Surber
Leavenworth, Kansas USA - Mon Jun 26 09:48:56 2006

It has been exactly two years since my Spatchie passed away. He was my beloved Pomerenian and I love him and miss him. I think of you often, Spatchie bear! I know you are in heaven chasing the other dogs. I will see you one day. Matthew and Brianna would have loved you. Just know that you are missed! I thank Jesus for giving me the gift of you. Thank you for filling my life.
Overland Park, KS USA - Tue Jun 13 01:28:56 2006

We lost our precious babygirl yorkie, McKenzie last week due to trachea collapse. She was our life, our child. It was the most tramatic week in our lives. I'm so very glad to have a place like Rolling Acres to go to when our hearts have been broken. It's just a beautiful, peaceful place. Beverly Cox was so wonderful in helping us take care of her final journey. Thanks to everyone there for making it possible to send our precious furbabies to Heaven with the respect they so much deserve. God is holding each of them in His arms until we can meet again.
Jim & Daytha Heintzelman
Leavenworth, Kansas USA - Wed Feb 22 07:53:23 2006

I have used you over the last 24 years, your service is fantastic. I picked up Sebestian today at Welborn, what a blessing to have him home again before going to his final resting place. What a terriable void I feel right now, but your website has helped. He was a special kind of guy....
Jacque Brecheisen
overland park, ks USA - Wed Jan 25 00:38:59 2006

My heart broke one month ago today when my Eponine crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her sorely. But I find much peace when I visit Rolling Acres. My hope is that long after I leave this Earth, others will go to visit Eponine's and the resting places of many other creatures and fondly remember the love they provided.

Thank you to all those at Rolling Acres that reassured me and provided comfort through this very sad transition without my little monster.

Kansas City, MO USA - Fri Jan 20 19:25:27 2006

On January 2nd, 2006, the time had come where we had to make the most heart wrenching decision of a beloved and loyal family member of ours. Out of the care, love and concern for our Niki we had to lay her to rest. A stroke had stopped her from having a healthy or quality lifestyle. We had her since she was 6 weeks old. She gave us 13 1/2 years of love and loyalty and so much more and will always be with us in spirit, our hearts and memories!! Even though since Niki's pass, we have welcomed another loving companion into our home, Niki will never be able to be replaced nor forgotten. Like people, animals definitely each have their own unique and individual personalities. May you rest in peace Niki and we love you! We want to thank Rolling Acres for taking care of our Niki for us and getting her cremains back to us with such thoughtful and care.

George and Tracy Sykora
Kansas City, Mo USA - Sat Jan 7 23:44:02 2006

In memory of my sweet little Sunny. She died in my arms this morning. She gave me almost fifteen years of companionship, loyalty and unconditional love and I miss her terribly. Thanks to your staff for their compassion in helping me through the final arrangements. I love you Sunny Bunny. We'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge...
Liberty, MO USA - Sat Jan 7 18:40:14 2006

In Loving Memory of my beloved 12 yr old Siamese, Smokey. I had to make a very hard decision on 12-23-05. I have had my baby since he was 6 weeks old, and I am going to miss him soo much. He is safe and happy now, and will always be in my heart every second of the day. I will especially miss him at nite where he used to sleep on my pillow and purr and purr..Mom Loves You Smokey! You will soon be home with me, and sitting in your favorite window! Miss you soo much..We went thru alot together. Lets go Nite Nite now!
Danelle Hall
Lansing, Ks USA - Mon Dec 26 21:57:14 2005

Over the years we've utilized the services of Rolling Acres numerous times, and are grateful to Nancy and her staff for their patience and understanding during our saddest hours. Our pets are our children and a very important part of our lives. Each time we've delivered another of our "furbabies" into their care, we've always left saying "We mean no offense, but hope it's a long time before we see you again." The ground are immaculate, the facilities clean, the staff very comforting and understanding, and the services they provide a blessing. In tribute and loving memory of our furry children: Luger, Mellow, Yoda, Brittany, A.K., Aristotle, Jazz, O.C., Mika, Reno and Ollie. We'll see you all again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Joe & Rose Del Gobbo
Knob Noster, MO USA - Thu Dec 22 17:47:47 2005


katie d. dancy
kansas city , mo. USA - Tue Apr 19 09:08:12 2005

It's been several years since I lost my beloved Allie, Mikey and Warren...all goofy airedales. Allie was 5.5 years old when she came to live with us. She was recovering from surgery after being hit by a car and limped but with lots of tlc and walks...she recovered. She was the light of our lives. Not long after we got Allie, airedale rescue called to say they had a 9 y/o male airedale...were we interested? My husband was dead set against it...until the rescue people said that he was Allie's uncle! So we went out to meet Mikey and of course...brought him home with us. He was dumb as a rock but the most loving boy. He would get in "his" chair at night in the bedroom and always look over at me so sweetly before he went to sleep. I have a picture of him doing that in my bedroom now. And then there was Warren. After losing Allie and Mikey within 9 months of each other I wanted to get a younger airedale..2-3 years old at the most. So airedale rescue found Warren for us. They thought he was 3. He was probably closer to 10. I took Warren with me everywhere and he was a sweetheart. We lost him a little over a year after we got him. My heart still breaks when I think about my 'dales. I'm not able to have any right now because the other 2 pound puppies I have won't accept any new dogs. I know one day I will have another airedale...although nobody can replace the love in my heart for Allie, Mikey and Warren. Rest in Peace you nutty pooches!
Nancie <>
Overland Park, Kansas USA - Sun Apr 10 17:23:11 2005

Although I don't reside in your area, I can appreciate the services you provide. I lost my beloved Sasha on September 15th, 2004 to acute kidney failure. It has been the most painful thing I've ever had to endure, short of losing my father. Sasha was a German Shepherd/Beagle/Sheltie mix. She was a rescue along with her 5 puppies in 1994. She was all that I could have ever asked from a pet. She just knew me so well, and I knew her. She even told me when it was time to leave for the Bridge. I felt I owed it to her to release her from pain. Sasha, you will always be my fuzzbucket! I love you, now and always. Heather (Dog mother)
Heather Baker
Newark, Delaware USA - Sat Mar 12 13:28:54 2005

I wanted to thank you for taking care of our puppy Sophia. She was only 11 weeks old at the time of sudden passing. It is a wonderful place. We all miss her very much and always will.
Lisa Hodges
Parkville, MO USA - Wed Mar 9 22:02:51 2005

You would think that nobody should have to bury two of their fur-kids(my dogs) within four months, but those were the plans for me. My beloved, Alexandria, a nine year old female Doberman, died suddenly on October 27, 2004 of Cardiomyopathy. And, my little man, Jake, a 16 year old Cocker Spaniel had to be put to rest on February 10 of this year as he was in heart failure. You were all wonderful to us on both such sad occasions--we thank you. It has been healing to be able to have somewhere to visit and grieve and mourn our loss. Especially the peace and tranquility that is ever-present at your properties. Again, we thank you and we will forever be customers--for I am searching the KC Doberman Rescue for another female companion for both me and my remaining fur-kid--a male Doberman, Sir Lancelot!!!
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Mon Mar 7 07:17:17 2005

I want to thank you for taking care of the needs of two of my little German Shepard girls. Shana passed away in 1990, and Emilie passed away in 2000. I miss them very much. I now have another little girl. This German Shepard's name is Schatzi. She will be four yrs old in a couple of weeks. I pray that it will be a very long time before she needs your services. She is such a sweet girl. I am glad that you have such a wonderful place. I hope you can keep it up forever.
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Sun Mar 6 02:09:18 2005

On 2-2-05 we lost our little Bug Bug. Bug Bug was a tiny black feral cat who gave us 4 wonderful Bug-lets. She passed on during surgery from heart failure. We did the best we could for her and we know she was as happy as a cat could be. We miss you Buggles and when we see you next, we will bring the cheese. Thanks for the kittens, they will be spoiled just like you were. You were taken from us far too soon. Rest now because when I see you next its time to play. We love you, Mom and Dad.
Brian Nolan
Kansas City, Mo USA - Mon Feb 28 00:55:02 2005

Last night 2-10-05 my husband and I had to make the hardest decision of our lives. We had our cat Clem, for 18 years, a beautiful flame point siamese, put to rest. There are no words to describe how loving, loyal, smart and beautiful he was. He was there for me and now Im here for him. Im so lost without him following me around, but i know with time and the support of the wonderful people at Rolling Acres, I will be able to remember with smiles instead of tears.
Jane Anglin
Kearney, MO USA - Fri Feb 11 13:29:01 2005

I just lost my Miniature Dachshund and my best friend, Ursula after almost 17 wonderful years. I miss her so much and I am still going through some pretty strong emotions. I just wanted to say that I appreciated the way the staff of Rolling Acres was very understanding of my loss. They understood that a pet is a part of the family by the way they took care of my little girl after she passed. I especially want to say thank you to Vicki who was so nice when I called. It was hard to make that call and I cried, but it made it a little easier to know that she was in the good hands of people who care so much. So a sincere thank you from both myself and my beautiful Ursula.
Rob O'Roark
Gladstone, MO USA - Fri Feb 4 12:18:17 2005

I hail from NZ and would like to share the story of my beloved cat Bucky, or Buck cat. I named her after a rugby player called Buck Shelford.. I am a rugby fan as well as a cat lover. I had Buck from the time she was a kitten , her mother was feral, but Buck she quickly adapted to a life of love and luxery. Her colouring so beautiful, white and black patches almost like a Fresian cow.
Anyway Buck she got some sort of infection on her mouth, so every six weeks or so I would take her to the vet for shots, I suppose looking back I should have let her go sooner but I loved her so much, I could not bear to.
One night she was run over, the person who ran into her was a work mate who came into the house, woke me and told me of what had occured. Buck had run right out onto the road in front of her car, then had come back into the garden. I found her still alive but soom after she died quietly.
Not long after that I was having a reading at a psychic'x and she asked about Buck, without me mentioning her the psychic said that Buck wanted me to know she was pain free and had suicided as she could not bear it any longer.
I felt worse but I also felt better as I know I will see her again one day.
In the meantime I have Stewart and Sabrina for company here and back home in NZ my mother has Snoop, the cat had to leave behind.

Anne Gollan
Savannah GA USA, USA - Thu Nov 11 02:43:23 2004

i still miss my cats and rabbit
Minette die in 1978 and Melker die 1995 he get 17½ year old and my rabbit Hampus die 1998 I miss them so much and i pray i see you all in heaven some day, and i miss tina and tim my two birds too. Thank for this site its beutiful and very nice.

Inger Persson
Ljungsbro, Sweden, sweden - Mon Nov 1 10:38:13 2004

My cat's name is Buddy. In April of 2000 I drove up to a dry cleaners to find a cat begging me to help him. He was a pretty brown tabby with black stripes. The people in the dry cleaners had witnessed Buddy being thrown out of a car at five a.m in the morning. From then on he lived with me. I named him Buddy because he followed me from room to room everwhere. He sat beside me all day when I had pneumonia. Buddy got a serious illiness that they couldn't diagnoise till it was pretty far along. He had kidney failure he stopped eating and drinking alltogether he had other problems the vet said there was a good chance that he had cancer and recommended for him to be put to sleep September 20,2004.I miss him very much I can see him in the morning when I get up and when I get home all over the house it will take a while to get used to him being gone. I will love him always. Vicki Marshall
Vicki Marshall
Gladstone, Missouri USA - Sat Oct 2 23:54:00 2004

Beep told us last Thursday that it was time for him to go on his next adventure - without us this time. We miss our buddy so much. His spirited attitude toward life and protection of me and his truck are attributes that everyone remembers about him. Our hearts are broken. He loved us so as we loved him. Bye bubba.
Vi Capell and Mike Gahagan
USA - Sat Oct 2 09:42:40 2004

Oh Chloe' my little Toy Fox Terrier. I miss you so much little girl. I'm sorry we couldn't save you this time around. I'm sorry that you had to have a collapsing trachea.
I'm so sorry you had to loose your eye sight too. You are better off now in heaven. I love you little girl. You were such a joy for 6 1/2 years.

Saint Joseph, Missouri USA - Wed Sep 15 23:13:45 2004

Still loved. Still missed. Always in my heart. It's been a long time since I seen my beloved cat. Lily was a good kitty. I just want her to know that I love her very much and I miss her a lot
Leah Murray
Kansas City, Kansas USA - Wed Sep 15 09:03:54 2004

I'm very thankful for the care that the nice people at Rolling Acres provided at one of my saddest times. I lost my beloved Baylie after 15-1/2 years. Today I received the urn that I purchased, and it is just beautiful. It will be a lasting tribute to my boy. The personal words and care of the lady I ordered the urn through meant so much to me the day I called with such a heavy heart. Thank you for everything.
Cheri Kelsh
Olathe, KS USA - Tue Sep 7 16:49:20 2004

leonard snow
raytown, mo USA - Thu Aug 26 22:57:10 2004

Our little Buddy

Buddy cat was born on July 30, 1990, we saw him in a pet store at the Antioch shopping center. He was Yellow and had a white his tummy and looked like he had on a fuzzy white bib, his tail was thick with long fur. On his birthday card, he was a short hair mixed cat.

When the camera was turned toward Buddy, he would site and pose for his picture. Over the 14 year that he was with us I now have a photo album his pictures from when he was a kitten up until the night before we had to put him to sleep.

We would of liked to keep him for a few more year but an x-ray reviled his tummy was filled with tumors. At first could not keep his food down every time he would eat he would through up his food. After taking him to the vet and some anti-inflammatory pill he had gained a few of pounds back only to loose them right away He had not eaten more than a couple of pieces of dry food for two to three days. He would ask for food and just could not eat. He had gone from his 11 pounds to 8 pounds on just two month.

It got to the point he could not even pick Buddy up he would complain, so on July 22, 2004 we had our little buddy put to rest.

If Buddy could of talked to us he would of said "Thank you mom and Dad for taking my pain away, and I will always remember you in Kitty Heaven, and brag how my adoptive parent treated me so well by pampering and spoiling me over the years."

Buddy is at rest now and has no longer in pain. We miss him, part of him will live on in the pictures and the fund memories he brought to our lives.

Debra and Frank Henderson
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Mon Jul 26 22:30:54 2004

oh my God what a lovely site you´ve have made!!!! I addore you for youre work. the pets have rights! and know it!!!
yes! you are my idol!!! =) give the pets rights, they deserve it!!!

bod(/), Norway - Thu Jul 22 08:40:40 2004

I am glad that the best dog a kid could have is going to be buried in a nice place like this where she won't be alone. I wil miss Maddy so much, I remember when we would play outside during the snow and she would chase after be and try to pull off my gloves, or when I would try and cover up the fact that she ate my other dogs' food so that she wouldnt get in trouble. I will never forget you Maddy, I love you. =(
Kelsey Goens
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Thu Jul 15 14:23:19 2004

This is in loving memory of our Golden Retriever,Maddy. She Passed away on July 15,2004.She would have been 11 years old next month. She has been such a wonderful part of our family for so long, and we will miss her dearly. Rest in peace big dog, we love you. Steph, Ron, katie,kelsey and Kyle
Kansas City, Mo USA - Thu Jul 15 14:02:26 2004

47 days ago, just shy of Shelby's 15th birthday which would of been today, I had to make the decision to put my best friend to sleep. She was a chow mix and the absolute best dog anyone could ever ask for. She grew up with my girls and was all of our best friends but she never strayed from me. Shelby, I miss you terribly and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I know you will wait for me at rainbow bridge.
Trudy McDade
Champaign, IL USA - Wed Jun 30 17:39:37 2004

Hi my name is Sequoyia and I'm 16 and recently my puppy just got hit by a car 06/24/04 around 4:00pm. You know what she never had a name we called her Girl it depends on how you say it you have to say it on a high-pitch sound. She was only 6 month she was English German Sheperd mixed with chow. Hope you're in a better place you will be truly missed. Luv Sequoyia
Montgomery, Alabama USA - Wed Jun 30 14:57:45 2004

My beloved dog, Spatchie passed away on June 12, 2004. He was two weeks shy of his 16th Birthday. Spatchie was my companion and friend for 8 years and he was loved & spoiled! He touched my heart and was a loyal and faithful dog. I know he lived a good and long life but he left an empty space in our home and hearts! I miss you and love you, Spatchie Bear! You will always be in my heart. Know that Greg, Tracy and even Derek misses you. We think of you often and know that you are in "doggy heaven." May the Lord keep you safe until we meet again! I love you, Spatchie!
Overland Park, KS USA - Tue Jun 22 02:20:32 2004

i am so glad i found a place like yours, i now have peace at mind knowing theres a place for my cats smokey and fluffy thanks
geneva, new york USA - Tue Jun 15 14:02:42 2004

This is in memory of my beloved Siamese cat Rowdy. He past away of kidney failure at 3 yrs. old on Friday May 28,2004. He leaves behind a boxer sister Jersey, and a boxer brother Sylvester and a boxer friend KC and a cat friend Jingles. Rowdy thought he was a dog and got treats every morning with the dogs when I left for work and when the dogs went out he also went out on the sunporch and waited for them to come in and also soaked up some sun. He never slept in a cat bed it was always on a dog bed with his 60 plus lb. siblings. Good bye Rowdy we will miss you.
Independence, MO USA - Sun May 30 17:15:16 2004

This is a wonderful site! Thanks!

Memphis, Tn USA - Wed May 26 12:00:43 2004

May 17, 2004 - Jax, my baby boy, my shadow, my comfort. You never showed pain and always gave me joy and love. Now that you're not with us, your brother Justin and I are very sad and lonely. Justin still looks for you every day in the last place he saw you. He hopes you are coming home. You two were quite the pair. Always together, always loving, always happy and always very much loved. Jax, I feel guilty that I didn't know just how sick and how much pain you were in until it was too late. Please forgive me baby boy! I will carry you in my heart for the rest of my life. I love you Jax! You and I and Justin will all reunite one day and oh what a day that will be! Until then, be happy and enjoy all your new friend. See you at the Rainbow Bridge! Love, Mom
Blue Springs, MO USA - Sat May 22 12:22:30 2004

Lily was a good cat, but giving her up was hard. She's up in Kitty Cat Heaven.
Leah Murray
Kansas City, Kansas USA - Fri May 14 11:17:38 2004

I have just lost my guinea pig percy this morning, he wasn't very well, im just so sad that he has gone, he was a christmas present last year, one that my husband got me.
i'll miss you percy, forever in my memory and in my heart.

Michele Slaney
United Kingdom - Mon May 10 07:38:16 2004

This is in loving memory of our baby Oscar, a red longhaired dachshund. He was hit by a car and passed away on April 28, 2004. He was going to be a year old on May 3, 2004. He will be missed tremendously. He brought so much joy and happiness to this family for the short time that he was with us and we will never forget him.
Samantha and Carl Osiek
Kansas City, KS USA - Tue May 4 13:02:08 2004

We lost our beloved 13 year old Cocker Spaniel Stacy on August 5, 2002. She had diabetes and an autoimmune disease and could not keep up the fight to continue on for us, although she gave it her best. We are very sure she waited to go until she knew we could both accept it. We had her creamated & her ashses spread over the gardens at Rolling Acres. We just lost our very sweet 16 year old cat Smokey Joe on March 29, 2004. We also had him creamated & his ashes spread over the gardens at Rolling Acres. Since our children are grown & gone, our pets are our "babies" now so when we lose one it is devastating to us. We still can not think about Stacy or Smokey Joe without becoming emotional. We have cried many tears over both and will remember them always. Although we have not as yet been able to visit we are comforted in knowing that two of our beloved pets are together there.
Steve & Kathy Scaman
Olathe, KS USA - Fri Apr 16 11:31:53 2004

I lost my beloved cat, Lily on August 11th 2003 due to sickness. She was a four year old black and white cat. She's cremated at Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets. I've been there, and it's a really nice place.
Leah Murray
Kansas City, Kansas USA - Thu Apr 15 13:55:32 2004

This is in Loving Memory of Snuffy Brown our sweet little Shi'Tzu! I know this is a site guestbook... I love the site I think it is so sweet to have this for our little babies!

A little Memory of Snuffy: Snuffy with every word there is a tear! Believe it or not...Snuffy passed away this morning 4-8-04. He was hit and killed by a person driving a car. I am 16 and devstated! Snuffy is my baby. He is my "Big Strong Man" I love him dearly!!!!! I just don't know what to say about this...It's hard for me to accept! I just know that the hardest was having to bury him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snuffy my baby and my brought nothing but JOY to my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catherine!!!!!!

Birmingham, USA - Thu Apr 8 17:23:21 2004

My wife and I just lost our beautiful Red Haired Daschund, Oscar Mira on 4/6/2004. She was just 4 years old and although her years were filled with a lot of pain since she was a puppy, she was our dearly beloved Baby Dog and gave always to us great joy and friendship. Our Family Vet at Southside Animal Hospital recommended Rolling Acres. My wife and I are comforted in knowing we will always have a place to come to visit. MEMORY ETERNAL LITTLE GIRL.
Olathe, Kansas USA - Thu Apr 8 12:54:08 2004



FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA USA - Sun Mar 28 06:25:28 2004

last night was 3/17/04 St Patricks day. we had to put our cocker spanial,Poncho to sleep. He had cancer and suffering I miss him so much I cant stop crying he was so loving all he cared about was making every one happy. He tried never to show his pain because he just wanted to make us happy. But when he was alone I could hear that he was in pain. yeasterday when I woke up and went to give him his pain pill their was blood all over him and the floor. He never showed me pain but I had to make the dicition for him because he would have never let us know. my family will never be the same. we loved him so much
Janet Lara
Upland, Ca USA - Thu Mar 18 12:37:40 2004

I love this site! What a beautiful area, and what a wonderful service to provide to people who love their furry companions.
Cloquet, MN USA - Tue Mar 2 23:11:39 2004

I lost Tigger to CRF (chronic renal failure) today. I have not stopped crying and probably won't be for days. The best way to make him better was to let him out of his body. He is with his brothers and sisters now, running and playing again. He was 16 and is now like a kitten again. His brothers and sisters here miss him very much. We await the time we will all be together again forever. Thank you for being such a wonderfull son Tiggy, mommy loves you. And Thank you, Rolling Hills
Stacey Piper
Sedalia, Missouri USA - Sat Feb 7 02:11:12 2004

Just wanted to say Thanks, for your compassion,understanding and help with our cat Peek-A-Boo when we needed your services...
Frank DeMoro
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Wed Feb 4 02:32:01 2004

Wow, what a neat site. I had always heard about pet cemeteries but never seen one. I am a huge animal person and am very involved in training dogs and horses. My friend just lost his dog and had him cremated and spread out on rolling acres. It is an unbelievable place! My boyfriend is a funeral director and so this was very interesting and really neat. It's great to know there are people that get as attached as i do to pets. I just lost my first dog in November, she was my kid and a huge part of me. My life will go on but will never be the same again. This is a great site and a great place, keep up the good work!
Ashley Pitman
Kingman, KS USA - Tue Feb 3 00:23:19 2004

For more years than I care to remember, my vets' office has used your services and I want to thank you for your help. My Mom and I have always had cats and dogs and for a couple decades now, we've had them creamated. When my Mom passed away, I inherited quite a little collection of pets and past pets. I'm sure some people will think this strange or morbid, but this was our family and history and we did have some issues with "good byes." I like to think of them all now meeting my Mom at "Rainbow Bridge." Thank you again for the service you provide at such a crucial time in people's and pet's lives.
F. Rove;
Roeland Park, KS USA - Fri Jan 30 09:54:09 2004

You have a very professional and interesting site.

We are planning a new cemetery and crematorium in Plymouth and hope to begin operations by the summer. Any suggestions would be well appreciated. Three of us who are pet lovers are forming a corporation. One is a licensed funeral director, I am a licensed contractor and the other is a licensed operator. Our crematory building will be about 60 x 100' and we will begin on three acres of land eventually being able to expand as the need arises.

I hope to be able to meet you all some day.

J. Piche'

Plymouth, Ma. USA - Mon Jan 26 09:49:07 2004

I lost my Little guy feb 26 2003 it aiimost a year and I am still finding it hard to dail with at times now my old cat now 15.5 years old is sick and at the vet i hope she pull thowth
debbie sim
new westminster, b c canada - Thu Jan 15 01:20:32 2004

The unexpected death of our 4 year old german shepherd was extremely hard on the family. Our best friend was gone with no explaination. The compassion expressed by men and women at Rolling Acres was heart felt. My thanks go out to you and the great services you provided us in our time of need.
Skip Ruley
Olathe, KS USA - Wed Jan 14 11:14:22 2004

"Thea" was my baby..for 17 years..on December 19, 2003, God called her home..and I had to let her go. Some people just can't understand how one feels about their beloved pet, but you do . Thankyou Rolling Acres for allowing me to hold on to what I can of my beloved "Thea".
"Save me a spot, baby..I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge."

Kristine McKinzie
Overland Park, Kansas USA - Thu Jan 8 19:43:57 2004

My Son, Warren, and I lost our pet dog, Patches on November 26, 2003. He was only 3 yrs. and 10 months old. We got him when he was eight weeks old. He was our faithful companion and my sleeping companion at night. Patches had epilepsy for the last 7 months. I know he is in heaven with my husband and they are having a grand time playing again!!
Elizabeth Logan
Parkville, Mo USA - Sat Dec 13 15:56:48 2003

I just want to say Thank you for having these service's available. My 14 1/2 year old Dobe-mix dog, Guns died on September 8th, 2003 which also happened to be my mother's 58th birthday. I had Guns cremated. I just lost my mother on October 6th to lung cancer, and it comforts me to have Guns with me so close. I lost the 2 people in the world that I loved most within a month, but having her close helps me get through this trying time. Thank you so much.
Rona Miller
St. Joseph, MO USA - Thu Nov 13 19:44:03 2003

It was pleasant to visit this site. Our belove Shadow passed away on Friday 11/7/03. We had to euthanize him. A terrible decision to make. Please pray for our Shadow and all our beloved pets in Heaven. If anyone knows of a site to go to for dealing with a child's grief in the loss of their pet, could you please email to me. My son is 15, and an only child and is taking this very hard. How do we deal with it? Thanks for all your help.
Ralph, Maria, & Joey Laperchia
West Peabody, MA USA - Sun Nov 9 11:14:59 2003

Your site is Great, this is just wonderful ! I have 5 Great Danes at home I love them dearly, There should have more PET CIMETERIES in America and all around the world. We have to respect animals and give them a decent end and a continuity in our hearts so they never leave! I heard Licence is hard to get for Pet Cimetery...I think this is a ridiculus legislation...especially whwn peaple like you are really profesionnals just like they do for human Funeral Homes .Anyway for me most of the time I think animals are more human than humans themselves ......God Bless you ,Great Danes and all other beloving life companions .Keep doing the good work !I wish to offer my Sympathy to all for the lost of a loving companion .....Sarah
Sarah LaRose
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Tue Oct 28 11:46:52 2003

My sweet, handsome and loving red doberman, "Dray", passed away this past Saturday. My husband, my laborador "Delia", and myself are heart broken over losing him. We all feel so lucky and blessed to have had Dray in our lives, even though the time was far too short. We will always remember Dray for his sweet gestures, funny tricks and loving heart. My husband I are so grateful to the Rolling Acres staff for helping us provide Dray with a beautiful memorial. Rolling Acres provided us with the best gift that we could ask for during such a difficult time, the oppourtunity to bring Dray home with us forever. Thank you so much Rolling Acres for giving our family the means to always keep and protect our son. We are so grateful.
Jennifer Hunt
Grandview, Missouri USA - Wed Sep 24 22:26:48 2003

I have Just visited rolling Acres and found you have a lovley place for your animals. Your caskets with the dogs on top are out of this world. We have caskets but with no dog on top. Just plain and basic. I would Love to own one of a St Bernard and a German Shepard Thank you for letting me scroll through your home page and I will visit more often. I will also TELL FAMILY AND FRIENDS
Sheffield, England - Sun Sep 21 11:26:54 2003

Thank you for allowing me to write a statement about my beloved pet Shadow...(Pug) I had to have him put to sleep daughter had it done for me as I was on vacation.He was 10 yrs old and I miss him so.....
Debra Maynard
Chapmanville, WV USA - Mon Jul 28 17:13:38 2003

Susie was my true friend. She was a Boxer and lived an exstended life. March 03, 1989 to Dec. 03, 2003 (13yrs & 9mos.) I had seen your commercials several times (and it was hard knowing the inevidable), but when I told my vet I wanted her cremated I was happy, when I received your info with her remains, that you preformed the services.
Julie G. Lynch
Raytown, MO USA - Sun May 25 11:24:31 2003

Thank you so much for having such a place as this.It's nice to know there are more people in the world that care and love animals enough to have such a beautiful resting place for them to visit their beloved pets.Just today I had to put my "Spook" of 17yrs,two months shy of his 18th birthday,to rest. He was the most easy going cat I have ever known.I love him with all my heart and don't know how I will get through this difficult time.Just wanted to say thanks for being there.My heart aches . Spook know that mommy loves you and I will see you soon..kisses
Cynthia Finlay
Kansas City, Kansas USA - Mon May 12 14:01:26 2003

Thank you so much for this wonderful site. My precious cat"Tinkie" died on May 6 & I miss him so much. Your 10 tips helped alot; I'm very grateful. I especially will heed your advice to give more love to the other cats.
Dayton, NJ USA - Thu May 8 17:25:59 2003

First I want to say this is a beautiful site. My cat, Emma(of 2 years), who was diagnosed for diabetes 4 months ago, passed away early this morning in our hallway. I never thought I would get so attached to an animal as I did. After crying all day, I came across this site, and I realize that she is in a much better place now without any suffering. I'll love and miss her very much. Kisses to Emma!!!
Pam Owens
Charleston, TN USA - Thu Apr 17 15:34:41 2003

I have been worrying about what I would do for my two faithful feline companions and remember that I had heard about you.I worry about what I would do if one day I awaken and find one of my friends has passed away suddenly as they are brother and sister and getting up there in age. What a relief this would be for me to have a pre-arrangement set up. How do I go about this? I guess I need to call your office and check this out? I have sent your website to all of my family members and friends that I know dearly love their pets and this is such a concern for them also.I only wish I had known about this service over the past years as I have had numerous pets that I feel so badly about losing and their fate became the incerator at a animal clinic office or behind the shelters. It breaks my heart that I couldn't memorialize them then as you have made it possible for me now. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Cheryl

Cheryl L Garley
Kansas City, Ks USA - Sat Apr 12 10:57:11 2003

Thank you so much for taking care of our beautiful doberman, Sugar. She was such a faithful and loyal companion for 12 years and never asked for anything but our love. She'll remain in our hearts until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge............. Thank you, Bob & Joyce
Bob & Joyce Woodcock
Leavenworth, Kansas USA - Fri Mar 21 18:09:03 2003

On March 31st 2000 my lifelong companion (and i mean that I was 11 when she died and she was 17) Lady a Golen Retrever/Yellow Lab Mix Died. I came home and Lady wasnt there my parents were crying and they told me we had to go say goodbye to her at the vets. I will NEVER forget how i looked at her and she looked back at me for the last time. I think she knew this was goodbye. In the months Following i wasnt the same whenever i came home i expected her to greet me at the door or when it was her feeding time i would think "Its time to Feed Lady" then remember she wasnt there. I miss calling her into the house and having her sleep with me..even now i am almost in tears typing this. I will forever remember has been 3 yrs and i am just about ready to get another Dog though Lady will always be the best. R.I.P Lady you will never ever be fotgotten.
Rutland, MA USA - Tue Mar 11 18:49:47 2003

i had a German Shepard named STE CHERO she died in 1968 i had her cremated and still have her ashes in my bedroom i want her too be baried with me i miss her so she was a search and rescue dog, wish we had something like you park here in canada THANK YOU

Petawawa, Ontario Canada - Sat Mar 8 18:44:03 2003

this is a beautiful site as an apprentice funeral director, and pet lover, i really appreciate what you offer to bereaved families. too often in our society are pets dismissed as only animals. thank you for honouring how truly important they are.
keely mcmillan
calgary, ab can - Tue Feb 25 14:55:11 2003

My little Max loved to run. It was a daily battle to keep him on a chain or a leash...until that fateful Tuesday morning. Now my little Max is running free on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him every night when I go to bed and he's not at my feet, and I miss him every morning when he's not licking my face telling me it's time to go outside. Thank you for taking care of my little Max. God Bless You
Angi Pitts (Max's Mom)
USA - Fri Feb 21 19:57:25 2003

This is a beautiful place and you are doing a wonderful job. We have 3 cats and I can understand what this means to those that love there pets as we do.
Wanda Davis
Kansas City,, Mo USA - Mon Feb 10 15:50:40 2003

i think this is a way cool sight,with all the sick things in this world its great to know there is people who truley do love animals.
blaine, mn. USA -

I'm really glad that there is a service such as yours... thank you and God bless.
Indio, USA - Tuesday, January 28, 2003 2:16 AM

Our dog, Dusty, just passed away yesterday,1/26/03. He was a 15 year old Lab/Retreiver(Black) mix. He has belonged to our son, Shawn, who died in January of 1991 and was a very special part of our lives. We miss him greatly but know that he is again with Shawn in Heaven..........
Betty Wright
Shawnee, Kansas USA - Monday, January 27, 2003 11:23 AM

Thanks for the support, I truly miss my dog but now feel better.
Philip Wade <Snippers41>
St louis, Mo USA - Saturday, January 25, 2003 3:16 PM

Just wanted to say hi! We're still hanging in there after all these years. Let us know whats going on with APCS? We dropped membership with IAPC in 1997.
Bill & Sharon Keillor
Flushing, Mich USA -

my cat died and i am so thankful for you who calmd my nerves
alex koivio
norfolk, england -


ENGLAND - Monday, December 16, 2002 at 07:41:34 (PST)
I love the horse and dog and cat stuff that I can get them.My horses and dogs and cats and hamsters love the stuff that you make.My dogs love the treats and my horses love the treats and the cats love the toys and the hampsters love the beding.Thank you from Ariana age 11
Nashville, tn USA - Sunday, December 08, 2002 at 17:17:31 (PST)
i got a small dog she is my baby.i have c.p i am in a wheelchair. my dog love the wheelchair because she is all ways driving in with me.her name is lady.but i call her my little lady bug.she is 8 years old.i love her she love me to. i had another little dog oh she was something eles i fell out of my chair once and cocoa went up and got mom.we found her in the woods.went god call her home ho i miss her something eles.i know what it is like.gign Debra
sydney cape breton, canada nova scotia canada - Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 09:54:04 (PST)
LLDogRescue, the rescue I and many other wonderful people volunteer for, have lost one of our beloved rescues; Simon. Simon was a beautiful sable Shetland Sheepdog, just recently adopted to a new home. A tragedy occured and Simon is no longer here with us but has crossed Rainbow Bridge. We will all miss you Simon.
Tammy Bryant
Kansas City, Mo. USA - Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 22:15:53 (PST)
We just lost our beloved Cocker Spanial "Cooshie". She was almost 14 years old, and she was the best dog ever. She was naturally happy to see anyone who visited our home. She loved to sneak radishes out of our garden, as well as sneak the vegetables out of the live trap we had set out for the squirrels. My husband was mysitified as to how the "bait" kept disappearing, but the trap was still set - till one day we caught her in the act. She was absolutely too funny!! Thank-you to those of you at Rolling Acres. We were grateful to have a special way of keeping our baby with us always. I didn't know until today that there are decorative urns available. No matter how pretty they are, they will never be as beautiful as her soul. She will be very dearly missed.
Barb Chesney
Olathe, Kansas USA - Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 16:48:05 (PST)
I owned the best 4 year old rottweiler. No, I'm not predjudice! I had him since he was 6 weeks old. He passed away 2-16-02 at the Emergency Vet Clinic in O.P., KS. I miss him so much. Bless these people for their services!
Susan McGowan
Raymore, MO USA - Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 11:45:27 (PST)
I had a dog named Taz he was a great dog. When he died i cry for about a week straight. This is a great web for people like me. God bless you and i'm praying for all who has some pet they love
Doris Ziegler
chelsea, Al USA - Friday, March 01, 2002 at 07:51:41 (PST)
i once had a was called was died and i now have a new hampster.RIP muffy. charlotte .
london, england - Tuesday, February 26, 2002 at 04:06:54 (PST)
I have no pets but Nancy is my cousin and having grown up with her on a farm I know her love of animals and her kindness to all animals, whether pets or not. You can trust her to do the best for you and in a very caring fashion. I had always heard of her cemetery but wasn't aware of the website to "visit" it. I am quite impressed Nancy; you do a fine job.

Carolyn Towers
Honeoye Falls, NY USA - Monday, February 11, 2002 at 13:24:26 (PST)
Impressive site!
Kay Henderson
Mt. Ayr, Iowa USA - Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 13:44:03 (PST)
My 2 Shih-tzus, Miss Crissy May 22, 1988-Oct. 18,2000 &
Barney Dec. 7, 1988-Apr. 23, 2001, are both at Rollig Acres. I plan on getting a park bench in their memory.
This is a beautiful place for any beloved furry little person we called pets to be. It is very well maintained & the people who take care of the place are very understanding

Anna Mull
Kansas City, MO USA - Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 21:59:22 (PST)
I'm so impressed. I can't imagine treating my beloved dog like something you would throw out in the garbage once he passes on. I hope I can find something like Rolling Acres here in Canada. If not, when the time comes, I'll be booking a flight.
Diane Park
Oshawa, Ontario Canada - Saturday, February 02, 2002 at 17:15:29 (PST)
I love the fact that someone has taken into consideration that pets do mean a great deal to their owners. I personally love my dog and would like to have a grave sight for "stetch" when he passes away.
miami, fl. USA - Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 20:19:19 (PST)
You now have cremated three of my dearly loved pets. Betsy & Hannah(Opposums)and here resently my Beloved Princess the Yorkie 1/11/02,I am sure I will be using your service again to take care of Prince. Thank you so much.
Bill & Miah Higbee
Liberty, Mo USA - Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 18:36:45 (PST)
I saw an add for Rolling Acres on TV. Dublin is our little West Highland Terrier, and, although she is still very young, I know that one day there will come a day when she will be be old and we may be looking for a place to care for her after she passes. Rolling Acres looks like a very nice place and I hope it will be around in the future for us.
Kristine Mahaney
Olathe, KS USA - Saturday, January 12, 2002 at 07:11:01 (PST)
i have a tabby cat called norsca, i found him, he is my baby boyo. he is also very spoilt too .
carla coote
US Anzealand - Wednesday, December 12, 2001 at 22:29:42 (PST)
we've got 2 kitties buried at the acres,and 5 in urns on our is the 2ns anniv. of our Fuzz going to the Bridge..don't know what we'd have done without our great people at rolling acres.
dayna weiler&doug peschka
olathe, ks USA - Monday, November 26, 2001 at 16:33:57 (PST)
My dog is getting very old and i wanted some imformation just in case he passes away, what should be done.
New York, N.Y. USA - Tuesday, November 13, 2001 at 06:45:58 (PST)

Your website is wonderful...Pets are such a HUGE part of our lives and they deserve to be treated as we are. I have a 9yr old chowchow and he has been one of the most loyal, friendly, loving dog that I could ever ask for. I have two young boys and they have grown up with "Brewski"...To them and to me, he is one of the family and always will be...It is so nice to know that there are people in this world that care about life, love and the way the world should be..My dog has been threw more with me then anyone and it is like he understands me..We love him so much and when it is his time to go we are definatly going to contact you....Thank you so much for everything you provide to us all over the world....YOUR SITE IS GREAT>>>BREWSKI'S FAMILY!!!
concordia, USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 23:16:19 (PDT)
Great web site! When we lost our first fuzzy child 19 years ago we were in a panic as to what to do. Thank God we found Rolling Acres. Over the years we have had many kids come and go. It gives us great peace knowing that they are all safe at Rolling Acres. We visit often. Thank you for taking such wonder care of our kids Duster, Buffy, Misty, Mama, Joey, Licorice, Smokey, Butterscotch, Lil Bits, Amanda, Cleo, Megan and Cooper. God Bless You!
Gary & Penny Turner
Olathe, KS USA - Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 13:47:55 (PDT)
Great web page...looking forward to having my ashes there too. By the way, don't forget that you have a monkey, Barr

Jane Snider
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Saturday, September 01, 2001 at 13:31:24 (PDT)
You have a wonderful site. I wish there were more special places like yours where people like us can give our "children with fur coats" a beatiful place to rest. We lost our 13 year old Persian cat, Ready, to cancer on 8-13-2000, and then lost my Dad to cancer Sept. 21, 2000. I am so glad we could give my Dad a beautiful funeral, but my husband had to make the casket for Ready, and we had to bury him on my uncles farm. Somehow it doesn't feel right for us to have had to do it that way. I feel I am dying inside over the loss of the only child (pet) my husband and I have ever known, and then my Dad too. Do you know of places like yours in Northwestern Wisconsin? Please let me know. We have TWO precious cats now. Thank You!!!
Leann Yngsdal
Comstock, wisconsin USA - Tuesday, August 07, 2001 at 20:28:33 (PDT)
I just finished writing Sammy's story in the Tracks In The Sand section. Like many people, I had heard of a pet cemetary in the KC metro area, but didn't know its name or where it was until I was faced with Sammy's death. It has been helpful and healing looking over your website, and it looks like great care was taken setting it up. Sammy will be cremated this weekend, and I will put his ashes in one of your wooden urns with the picture window on the front. The pain is almost unbearable for the moment, but I know time will heal me. I thank you for your website, the services you provide, and I look forward to coming out and looking over your cemetary. Peace...
Independence, MO USA - Thursday, August 02, 2001 at 11:48:55 (PDT)
My little Hamster angels! Snowy, Summer, Sumo, Shadow, Suzy, Buster, Bandit, Junior, Mousie, Jager, Pookie, Runters and Fabio. As of right now, I still have Amber, Bart and Sergeant Julu. I wish you had a discount for little animals. As you can see I have many. I still have all my babies (their kinda cold....freezing cold if you know what I mean!) No, I'm not weird, just love my babies and I was waiting for the last of the babies to go to heaven so I can bury them all together! Boo Hoo!!
Lanette Louie
South San Francisco, Ca USA - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 08:48:39 (PDT)
We lost our bunny Sniffer two years ago and it still hurts especially when her anniversary date comes around. She was our first love and since then we have adopted another bunny just like her who needed love and attention.It's like she returned to us in our Muffin. She has her spirit.
David Frystak
Chicago, USA - Sunday, July 01, 2001 at 07:58:06 (PDT)
Thank you for being there for us again. Little Hercules was the smallest of a litter of "bottle baby" kittens. Try as he did, our little giant could not outgrow the problems he was born with. His will to live was strong and I will miss him standing on my chest in the morning staring me in the face as I awake. Rest peacefully, our little kitten.
Mike and Judy
Grandview, MO USA - Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 17:32:07 (PDT)
this is a very nice .wish you all had one in danville,va
deby hanvey
blairs, virginia USA - Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 21:32:19 (PDT)
hi i just laid to rest my little winston on monday june 4,2001. he was 3 mths shy of being 14. i ask god if i could keep him but he said it was winstons time. he had a heart mumor and had lots of fluid even though he took heart pills and lasix daily it just wasnt enough anymore. it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. he trusted me so and we were best friends. some people say he was my little soul mate since i dont have children or a husband. he loved to travel and ride. he loved the beach and played with every single toy he ever recieved. he respected all and was so displined. i will miss him so much but until the day i see him again at the gates of heaven and the rainbow bridge, i will love him still and cherish my little 13lb winston forever. night night mommy loves you...
tracy goodman
raleigh, north carolina USA - Saturday, June 09, 2001 at 09:51:26 (PDT)
I feel very fortunate to have discovered your cemetary. Even though I am a Kansas City, MO native I did not know you existed in the area. And as an added bonus to my good fortune you have an excellent website and a very professional image. My 11 year old Akita is in poor condition and it is a comfort to know you are there. He is a very big dog at 170+ pounds and I was glad to see that you have arrangements available for him. I plan to visit today on the way home from my job in downtown Kansas City. Thanks again for all the work you have put in to this great website. It shows that you do care about quality.
Gil Gross
Lee's Summit, Missouri USA - Saturday, June 02, 2001 at 07:24:49 (PDT)
I have a Tabby cat, Bart, that has become ill with chronic kidney failure and we don't know how long he has left. He is my baby and I am so glad to know there will be a place for him when his time comes. God bless you Rolling Acres!
Jenna McPherson
Overland Park, KS USA - Friday, June 01, 2001 at 15:26:45 (PDT)
My lab mix has cancer and is not expected to live much longer. He has been "the cement of my foundation" for almost 10 years. It's reassuring to know that it is okay to want to give your pet an appropriate good-bye. It's okay to know that one can grieve for what others may call "only a dog". Thank you to those that are willing to provide what is such an important service to some of us. Shannan
Shannan Eddy
Leawood, KS USA - Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 09:52:32 (PDT)
Thank-you for taking the time and effort to put together this wonderful website. I am the owner of an elderly Dachshund, and I know that his time is approaching. I found great comfort in learning about Rolling Acres, the staff, and the procedures and products available to give our beloved pets the dignity in death that they had in life.
Hope Heller
Gladstone, Missouri USA - Friday, March 16, 2001 at 09:04:32 (PST)
I love Rolling Acres, and the human family that cares for it. Nancy and everyone are great.
Peggy Brewer
Kansas City, Mo USA - Sunday, March 04, 2001 at 13:20:49 (PST)
I agree completely. Thank you for providing such a service to people who love their pets so dearly.
Nancy Youngson
Houston, TX USA - Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 06:40:22 (PST)
What a wonderful service! Thanks for helping us and our beloved pets in our time of need.
Karen Youngson
Houston, TX USA - Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 05:16:30 (PST)
I was impressed with your beautiful web pages. Thank you
for the services you provide to those who are grieving
because of the loss of a dear pet! I've just completed
two web pages. The first is a story about a 13-year-old
who has a near-death experience and sees her dogs in a
wonderful place. (She is revived after open-heart surgery)
The URL is:

Thank you again.

Jonathan Whitcomb
Long Beach, CA USA - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 08:33:51 (PST)
kincaid, ILLINIOS USA - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 18:59:52 (PST)
This website is as BEAUTIFUL as the ladies who "man" the office!!!
Heather Cox
Kansas City, MO USA - Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 09:27:18 (PST)
IHAD A BEAUTIFUL BIG LIGHT GRAY 8 MONTH OLD CAT NAMED CURR THAT 2 NEIGHBOR DOGS GRABBED ON Dec.30th and on DEC.31ST CURR DIED BETWEEN 2 AND 3 OCLOCK IN MY HOUSE. I miss him very much. he was a very sweet cat and alrady had a hurt back leg. LINDA AKA CAT OF TALLADEGA al.
Linda Whaley
Talladega, AL.. USA - Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 16:49:34 (PST)
Such a wonderful site. I wish that there was a place such as yours in our county. Keep up the great work! I'll definately be back to visit.
Alton, VA USA - Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 15:22:15 (PST)
i think ur webpage is excellent, if i was closer it sure would be good to know that my pets would be in a safe
Greetings from Scotland

scotland, united kingdom - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 12:05:38 (PST)
I enjoy your site very much, it was very heart warming. I also have losted some very closes friends. We lost our 17 babies on Dec 30 1998 when our house burned, all our babies were house pets, we were not at home at the time and there was nothing they could do to get them out. We mess them very much, they well always be in our hearts till the day we met again.
Karen Stone

karen stone
New Holstien, Wis - Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 05:31:33 (PST)
First I want to say that this is a very nice page.
I want also say hearby that it is a wonderfull pleasure that, when your most favorit pet die, you can give him a place to rest.
Greetings from Holland

E.S. Volaart
Ridderkerk, Zuid-Holland the Netherlands - Wednesday, January 10, 2001 at 15:34:13 (PST)
I experienced a great sense of peace viewing your site. It is wonderful to know that there are other pet cemetaries (and help in dealing with grief) throughout the United States for those of us in need. In my city we also have a beautiful resting place for our beloved pets called Sea Breeze Pet Cemetary--that I plan on using when that time comes :-(
Terri O'Brien
Huntington Beach, California USA - Tuesday, December 26, 2000 at 15:11:06 (PST)
Thank you for such a wonderful website. I have spent nearly two hours reading about your lovely cemetery, poems, and information. You truley do know what it feels like to lose a pet and give them such dignified buriels.
Queen Creek, AZ USA - Tuesday, December 19, 2000 at 15:05:20 (PST)
Nice page.
Greetings from Finland!

Turku, Finland - Friday, December 15, 2000 at 12:17:44 (PST)
Boy, I have got to say that this site is so similar to that of a funeral home site. I am an Apprentice Funeral Director and can't believe how similar some of your services that you offer are to ours.
C. David Griffith
Layton, Utah USA - Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 20:42:58 (PST)