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Since the after-life care for pets is our only business, we are especially sensitive to the needs of the families we serve. Our services are designed to dignify the after-life care of pets while providing support and understanding. Because each family’s needs are different, each has the option of choosing any one or all of our services that lovingly and appropriately help you memorialize your cherished pet in a way that is most comfortable and suitable for you personally.

• Rolling Acres offers a free pickup service at the veterinarian clinics in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Please call for details. Ask your veterinarian if they use Rolling Acres as their cremation provider. If your veterinarian does not use us, tell them you will be using Rolling Acres, then call to arrange for us to pick up your pet from your veterinarian's office. *

• You may bring your deceased pet directly to Rolling Acres, no appointment necessary during regular business hours.

• We can also pick-up your deceased pet at your home, with a minimum $95.00 fee during normal business hours. Additional charges apply after regular business hours.

• If a veterinary clinic handles your pet, there may be additional fees charged by the clinic, to cover the administrative tasks involved.

As pet parents become more aware of the options for the after-life care of their pet, they are taking the responsibility of deciding what options they want for their beloved pet ahead of time. To save you the anguish of having to make painful decisions immediately following the death of your beloved pet, we also offer pre-arranged plans. Once a person has pre-arranged, the price will never go up, no matter how many years go by before the plan is needed. Many people have told us they find it is easier to make decisions regarding their pet's final arrangements before the time of loss, a time when they are experiencing a great deal of stress and grief. We have payment plans available, according to one's needs. We invite you to visit Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets in person.

Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets is a member of the following associations: 
• International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories 
• Pet Loss Professionals Alliance 
• International Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Association 
• Associated Cemeteries of Missouri
Private Cremations
The pet is cremated privately, all by him/herself and the cremated remains are returned in a basic urn, unless a decorative urn is selected, along with a Certificate of Cremation, the Rainbow Bridge poem, information on coping with the loss of the pet and our Pet Grief Recovery Group.

We offer Attended Cremations which includes a visitation with your pet prior to the Private Cremation plus the family can sit comfortably in our witnessing room and observe the cremation process. The cost of an attended cremation is $125.00 and is by appointment only. There may be a fee for preparing the pet for the visitation.
  XS Pet (1 lb and under)               $95.00  
  Small - Medium Pet           

(up to 49 lbs)


  Large Pet

(50 to 150 lbs)


  XL Pet

(151 to 200 lbs)


  XXL Pet

(201 to 300 lbs)       

Family Cremations
A Family Cremation is a special type of multiple-pet cremation procedure performed at the request of a single owner or family during which pets from the same family, and only pets from the same family, are cremated together, with the cremated remains returned to the family. Add the weights of the pets together. 
  For total weight up to 49 lbs $150.00 for first pet
 + $20.00 per additional pet  

  For total weight 50 to 150 lbs

$165.00 for first pet
 + $40.00 per additional pet

  For total weight 151 to 200 lbs

$205.00 for first pet
+ $60.00 per additional pet

  For total weight 200 to 300 lbs     

$245.00 for first pet
 + $80.00 per additional pet
Communal Cremations
The pet is cremated with other pets and the cremated remains are spread on the cemetery grounds, in the Prairie View Garden, at Rolling Acres.
XS Pet (1 lb and under)   $25.00

Small - Medium Pet      

(up to 49 lbs)


Large Pet

(50 to 150 lbs)


XL Pet

(151 to 200 lbs)



(201 to 300 lbs)       

Horse and Large Animal Cremations
Horse owners in Missouri and Kansas can choose dignified whole-horse cremation services for their equine companion.

After success in providing the finest aftercare for small animals, and having our own equine partners, a decision was made to provide this same professional aftercare for the horse community. Horse owners are comforted in knowing their beloved friend will be handled by Rolling Acres in a compassionate, dignified and ethical afterlife care manner.

Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens has the ability to cremate horses up to 1800 pounds in our equine crematory which was designed to perform cremations for horses and large animals.

Our fee includes pick up within a 50-mile radius. Mileage Fee over our 50 mile radius is $3.50 per mile one way.

If the animal is delivered to Rolling Acres, deduct $150.00 from the fee.
Private Horse Cremation: The horse is cremated all by itself. No other pets are present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. All of the cremated remains are then retrieved, processed, and returned to the family in a wooden urn made in Montana, USA.
301- 800 lbs    $950.00

801-1400 lbs


1401 - 1800 lbs            

Communal Horse Cremation: The horse or large animal is cremated with other pets and the cremated remains are spread on the cemetery grounds, in the Prairie View Garden, at Rolling Acres.

301- 1400 lbs $750.00

1401 - 1800 lbs           

Burial Services
Our cemetery is run in a manner very similar to a human cemetery. Each pet is buried in its own private grave. Detailed records are kept in the office. The cost of a burial starts at $503.00, for the space and the interment fee, and goes up from there depending on what the family selects. We offer caskets, granite or bronze memorials, viewings, committal services and memorial services.

Our cemetery spaces are 3' x 2' and start at $348.00. A portion (20%) of each space price goes into our care trust fund. The interment fee (the fee for opening and closing the grave) ranges from $125.00 to $325.00. Our small caskets start at $125.00 and go up in price depending on the size and the style of the casket. While we have caskets available, the Cemetery does not require one. It is up to the family whether or not they choose a casket. If a casket is not selected, we bury the pet in a natural fiber jute bag.

The family may also wish to have a Viewing and a Committal Service. The committal service on weekdays is $125.00; Saturdays is $225.00. Preparation for viewing includes bathing the pet and brushing him/her out. The charge for this service starts at $65.00 and goes up depending on the size of the pet.

Another burial option is to bury the cremated remains of your pet in our Rose Garden, which is an area only for pets who have been privately cremated and then buried. The Rose Garden Burial Package includes the space, interment and a 6" x 6" bronze marker. 

Our option for Horse Burial includes the spaces necessary for burial in our Equine Garden and the interment service. 
Cemetery Spaces






Remembrance Garden                   




Serenity Waterfall

Remembrance Fountain


Rose Garden (fee includes inurnment & marker)     


Equine Garden (fee includes interment)

Interment/Inurnment Fees
Inurnment (Pet)

Inurnment (Human)


Casket size up to 26"


Casket size 27" to 32"                                       


Casket size 33" to 40"


Vault Caskets

Other Service Fees
Preparation for Viewing Small Pet (under 50 lbs)   

Preparation for Viewing Medium Pet (50 to 99 lbs)  


Preparation for Viewing LargePet (100 to 199 lbs)


Restorative Procedures starting at 


Commital Service (Monday - Friday)


Commital Service (Saturday)


Surcharge on Wooden Caskets

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